Third Generation

4. John3 Marshall (Thomas2, John1) was born about 1656. John died 1720 in Northampton Co., VA, at 64 years of age.

He married Sarah (wife of John Marshall). Sarah died after May 5, 1720. Sarah may have been a second marriage and mother of Jacob, Elizabeth and possibly Sarah. She might have been the Sarah who married David Stott and was mother of John Stott - see Thomas Marshall, #18 Fourth Generation.

He made a will in Northampton Co., VA, May 5, 1720. John's will was probated in Northampton Co., VA, May 17, 1720. John bought 100A of the Bradford section of N115 in 1710 from John Smith d. 1711 and wife Joan (Sheapheard). In 1700, he received the southern half of the Truett N115 section from his father, Thomas. In 1720, John and wife, Sarah, left to their son Thomas, who had already acquired the Bradford N115 section to the south in 1708 from Abraham Smith and purchased the the section owned by Isaac Smith in 1724. (Ralph Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore, pp. 527-528) John was Justice of the Peace for Northampton County.

John may have married a daughter or grandaughter of John Smith d. 1698 and Jane Charlton. This is purely speculation based on the appearance of "Smith" given names starting with John's sons and continuing for several generations and the number of land and legal transactions between the families.

Sarah was the name of John's wife at the time of his death; she may have been a second marriage. Land records indicate a Sarah (probably Marshall) married David Stott, Jr. and had a son, John Stott, who was of age by 1758. Sarah Stott was living in 1764. (See Thomas Marshall in Fourth Generation.) Sarah may not have been mother to all of John's children.

Abstract of will: loving wife Sarah, 250A plantation whereon I now live during her widowhood and then to be equally divided by my wife and three sons John, Isaac and Jacob and by my two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah. Son Thomas 150A tract whereon I now dwell and 100A adjoining thereto purchased of John Smith. My heirs to adhere to the survey of Zorubable Preeson and not to disturb Isaac Smith (minor) of a small piece of land where Zachariah Bowles formerly lived. My son John 100A in Naswadux Neck given by my father Thomas in his will of 5 January 1702-3. Son Isaac 10A in Naswadux Neck on a place called the Ridge bounded by land formerly John Scammeby's being part of that tract of land bought by me of Henry Webb, 1/2 the 5 pounds owed me by Mr. James Potter, and 1/2 the 20 shillings owed by James Lang. To my daughter Elizabeth the girl called Sarah Gill until Elizabeth is lawful age. To my daughter Sarah. To my son Jacob a chest called his mother's. My three sons Thomas, John and Isaac executors. Henry Stakes to make coffin and to be given 5 shillings credit on his account. Wittness: John Bryant, Holloway Bunting, Mary Marshall. (James Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., p. 230)

John Marshall and Sarah(wife of John Marshall) had the following children:

child + 7 i. Sarah4 Marshall.

child + 8 ii. Isaac Marshall(Sr.) was born about 1685.

child + 9 iii. John Marshall(Jr.) was born about 1690.

child + 10 iv. Thomas Marshall(Mjr.) was born 1692.

child + 11 v. Elizabeth Marshall was born after 1699.

child 12 vi. Jacob Marshall was born before 1720. He married Margaret Bagwell in Northampton Co., VA, 1749. Margaret was the daughter of Alexander Bagwell.

He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, May 13, 1752. Jacob did not receive land from his father, but a chest called 'his mother's.' (James Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., p. 230)

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