136. Jonathan6 Bunting (Solomon5, Tamar4 Marshall, George3, Thomas2, John1) birth date unknown. Jonathan died 1815 in Northampton Co., VA.

He married Ann "Nancy" White in Northampton Co., VA, December 9, 1791. Ann was the daughter of Obedience White(II) and Elishe(wife of Obedience White). Ann died before January 10, 1824 in Northampton Co., VA. Nancy's brother, Teackle White, is a witness to the will of Holloway Bunting in 1808 (Holloway being brother of Nancy's husband, Jonathan).

The administration of Nancy (also called Ann) Bunting's estate is shown with inventory and appraisement of property recorded January 10, 1824 and final accounting April 8, 1826. Letters of administration were granted to Hezekiah Wescott but he died before 1826. The page in Northampton Orders is not clear to determine who took over administration. Distribution of her estate has not been located to determine all heirs. (Northampton Co. Wills, Etc., Reel 41, pp-257-259, VA State Archives; Northampton Orders #37, 1822-1826, Reel 55, p. 79) Chart prepared by Mary Frances Carey shows Jonathan, son of Solomon, had four children. Information provided by Bill Wilkins gives the bond date in Northampton County for the marriage of a Jonathan Bunting and Nancy White. Records prepared by Mary E. Seaman indicate one of his sons was named Holloway. Mary Seaman was privy to family records of Jonathan's father and brother.

From family records, we learn that Jonathan rented the Northampton home in 1788, to satisfy that portion of his father's will requiring the estate to give Jonathan four years schooling. Jonathan lived with his brother, William, in Brooklyn and received one quarter's schooling there. Brother, Holloway, rented the homestead in 1789, giving Jonathan part of the rent. In 1791, several large claims were made against the Solomon Bunting estate. A Gen. Pitts was able to show these suits were without foundation, but the estate has to pay costs. After his brother, Holloway's, death in 1807, Jonathan left and took care of several of the children, with his own, until his death in 1815. Jonathan's widow and chidren remained at the homestead until the eldest son's death in 1821. This son, William, died insolvent, and Jonathan's widow died two years later; her estate was unable to pay debts. (family records prepared by Mary Elisabeth Seaman)

In 1824, the family accumulated more debt fending off an imposter, claiming to be Solomon, son of Solomon, and rightful heir to the estate. (family records prepared by Mary Elisabeth Seaman)

Jonathan named his three youngest children in his will: Betsy, Ann and John and left his estate to his beloved wife for use during her natural life. He asked that his son, William, bring in the horse saddle & briddle previously given him to account for the value. He requested that his estate be equally divided between all my children. If either of my children should die under age and without issue the part of the one dying shall be equally divided between my 3 youngest. He signed his name. Obedience White was executor and witness was M.S. Pitts.

By the wording of his will, it appears Jonathan had older children; one of whom was named William. These children would have been of age and, therefore, born before 1792. He may have been married previous to Nancy White and had children Sally Bunting, William Bunting, and possibly a Holloway and Solomon Bunting.

Jonathan Bunting and Ann "Nancy" White had the following children:

child 304 i. Sally7 Bunting. Sally died 1820 in Northampton Co., VA. A Sally Bunting, will dated November 12, 1820, probate February 12, 1821, gave all her estate to her sister Ann, after the death of her mother, Nancy. She named her brother, William, as executor. She stated that if the Negros not already be freed, they were to be free at the age of 85. She signed her mark "X." Witnesses: Samuel L. Stott and Richard L. Bunting.

Jonathan Bunting did not name a daughter, Sally; however, he had a daughter, Ann, son, William, and wife Nancy, and Richard L. Bunting would be a 1st cousin to Sally, should she have been daughter of Jonathan.

child 305 ii. William Bunting was born 1791. William died after 1820. William was of age at the time of his father's will. He was named in that will that he should bring in the saddle and briddle previously given him by his father to have it valued.

William was called brother and named executor of the will of Sally Bunting dated November 12, 1820.

child 306 iii. John Bunting was born after 1792.

child 307 iv. Betsy Bunting was born after 1792.

child 308 v. Ann Bunting was born after 1792. Ann died after 1820. It is thought that this Ann is named sole legatee of Sally Bunting in her will dated November 12, 1820; Sally calling Ann her sister. Ann is given all of Sally's property, including slaves who are to be freed at age 85.

child 309 vi. Holloway Bunting was born 1808. Holloway is not named in his father's will dated 1813. Notes of Carolyn Seamon indicate that Jonathan had a son named Holloway. Jonathan Bunting did not name his older children in his will: Holloway may have been born prior to 1792 or died before 1813.

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