846. Rush Porter9 Marshall (Sr.) (Charles Thomas8, Robert Nairn7, Robert Henry6, Esme5, Thomas4, John3, Thomas2, John1) was born in Princess Anne, Somerset Co., MD December 18, 1860. (Marshall Family Bible from "Beckford") Rush died December 10, 1898 in Ontario, CA, at 37 years of age.

He married Mary Augusta "Mame" Hayward in Philadelphia, PA, September 14, 1887. Mary was born in Woburn, MA June 5, 1862. Mary was the daughter of Arza Harris Hayward and Ann Janette Flagg. Mary died September 29, 1926 in Washington, DC, at 64 years of age. Notes from Jeanette Scott shows Mame's address as 5028 Knox Road, Germantown, PA (Philadelphia). In Mame's diary in 1948, she wrote of "letter from Doris telling of Hayward's engagement." Rush came to Philadelphia, PA to live with his uncle, F. Wesley Porter and his wife, Ella, in a section of the city called Germantown. He first took a job at a paint shop and was later employed by John Butler at his drug store on the northwest corner of Manheim Street and Germantown Avenue. He attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (Class of 1880-81). After a two-year wait to attain the required age, he obtained his degree, Ph.G. In 1886, he opened his own drugstore at 16th and Race Streets.

In December of 1895, due to tuberculosis, he moved the family near his sister, Jennie Whittington, in Monrovia, California. In 1898, he was a patient at the San Gabriel Sanitarium for Pulmonary Diseases. A twenty-two page, hand-written letter from Jane Frances Hayward, "Aunt Fannie," tells much of the life and times of the Whittington and Marshall families while Rush and his family were in California (written to C. Hayward Marshall in 1948) Two months before his death, Rush wrote a letter on San Gabriel Sanitarium stationery and mailed in a company envelope of the The Marshall Field Company in North Ontario, CA. In this letter, Rush wrote: "I wish I'd never met a Field. What involvement, if any, did Rush have with the Marshall Field Company?

After his death, Mame moved the young family back to Philadelphia.

A picture of Rush Marshall is posted at the Ghote.

Rush Porter Marshall(Sr.) and Mary Augusta "Mame" Hayward had the following children:

child 1283 i. Marion Jannette10 Marshall was born in Philadelphia, PA September 14, 1888. (Marshall Family Bible from "Beckford") Marion died October 4, 1916 in Biglerville, PA, at 28 years of age. She married Frederic Erle Griest in Philadelphia, PA, November 18, 1914. Frederic was born March 4, 1884. Frederic was the son of Amos Griest and Eliza Rebecca Wright. Frederic died May 17, 1976 in Biglerville, PA, at 92 years of age.

child 1284 ii. Rush Porter Marshall was born in Philadelphia, PA November 14, 1891. Rush died July 18, 1973 in Hamden, CT, at 81 years of age. He married twice. He married Janet Davis Little in Washington, DC, July 5, 1917. Janet was born in Deluth, MN December 8, 1895. Janet was the daughter of Norton Mitchell Little and Ella Louise Davis. Janet died March 31, 1985 at 89 years of age. Janet was divorced from Rush Porter Marshall 1935. He married Lillian Merz in Bridgeport, CT, December 21, 1935. Lillian was born in Bridgeport, CT November 4, 1907. Lillian was the daughter of Charles Merz and Anna Maria Smith. Lillian died July 20, 1978 in Lynchburg, VA, at 70 years of age.

Rush was divorced from Janet Davis Little 1935.

child 1285 iii. Charles Hayward Marshall(Sr.) was born in Philadelphia, PA December 29, 1893. Charles died December 7, 1961 in Washington, DC, at 67 years of age. His body was interred in Washington, DC, Ft. Lincoln Cemetery. He married Doris Davis Little in Washington, DC, November 4, 1922. Doris was born in Deluth, MN June 18, 1897. Doris was the daughter of Norton Mitchell Little and Ella Louise Davis. Doris died June 18, 1986 in Chevy Chase, Montgomery Co., MD, at 89 years of age. Her body was interred in Washington, DC, Ft. Lincoln Cemetery.

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