9. Margaret2 Wainhouse (Patience1 "V") was born about 1710. Margaret died 1768 in Northampton Co., VA, at 58 years of age.

She married twice. She married Joachim Michael about 1724. Joachim was born in Northampton Co., VA about 1703. Joachim was the son of John Michael(II) and Sarah Fisher. Joachim died May 7, 1752 in Northampton Co., VA, at 48 years of age. Will dated April 30, 1752, probated June 9, 1752, Northampton Co., VA. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Admin. NH Co., VA)

She married William Haggoman after 1752. William was the son of John Haggoman(Sr.) and Sarah Powell. William died before April 10, 1764 in Northampton Co., VA.

She made a will in Northampton Co., VA, April 11, 1768. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Admin. of Northampton Co., VA, p. 415)

Margaret's will was probated in Northampton Co., VA, September 13, 1768. Thomas Marshall was named guardian to Margaret and presented inventory and appraisal 3 February 1724, Accomack Court. Court record 10 July 1724 shows Thomas Marshall guardian to Margaret Wainhouse, orphan of Dorothy Wainhouse, now the wife of Capt. Scarburgh. (Research of Court records by James H. Marshall) However, Margaret was the daughter of Francis Wainhouse, Dorothy's brother. Her aunt, Dorothy, appears to have been her first guardian and Thomas Marshall on his marriage to Patience became her next guardian.

Margaret Haggoman was named daughter by Patience Marshall in her will of 1765.

Margaret Wainhouse and Joachim Michael had the following children:

child + 46 i. Patience3 Michael.

child 47 ii. Ann Michael.

child 48 iii. Joachim Michael. Joachim died 1773. He married Mary Blaikley Stith in Northampton Co., VA, 1770. Mary was the daughter of Griffin Stith and Mary Blaikley. Mary died November 14, 1822. (ref: Bill Wilkins - Ghote) (ref: Will Wilkins - Ghote)

child 49 iv. William Wainhouse Michael. William died 1772. He married Margaret Downing. After William's death, Margaret married John Upshur. Margaret was the daughter of Zorabable Downing.

child 50 v. Thomas Michael. Thomas died before June 12, 1759 in Northampton Co., VA. He married twice. He married Ann(wife of Thomas Michael). He married Comfort Waterson in Northampton Co., VA, December 30, 1747. Comfort was the daughter of John Waterson and Elizabeth(wife of John Waterson). Comfort died before 1758.

child 51 vi. Rose Michael. Rose died 1760 in Northampton Co., VA.

child + 52 vii. John Michael was born February 3, 1746.

Margaret Wainhouse and William Haggoman had the following child:

child 53 viii. William Haggoman(Jr.). William died 1827.

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