96. Mary "Polly" Marshall4 Purnell (Elizabeth3 Marshall, Esme2, Patience1 "V") was born in Worcester Co., MD. Mary died in Worcester Co., MD.

She married George Richardson in Worcester Co., MD, about 1783. George was born after 1751. George was the son of David Richardson. George died 1804 in Worcester Co., MD, at 52 years of age. Captain Thomas Martin was appointed his guardian at his father's death in 1772.

He bought "Durham House" in 1779 and sold it and 154A of "Weymouth" to Peter Chaille. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co. MD Land Records)

View & value of land called "Defiance" estimated at 666A indicates in October, 1804 Elizabeth Marshall Richardson Stevens had her 1/6 part deducted and the lands of David, Esme, Samuel, Molly and Nancy Richardson, minors, were in the care of John Stevens. Another record shows John Rock with guardian bonds of $10,000 each on lands of David, Esme, Samuel, Molly & Nancy Richardson, children of George Richardson in August, 1804. (Orphans Court Records, Worcester County, research of Sue Hurley, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum) The estate docket shows George Richardson deceased with John Stevens as administrator on March 20, 1804 and surety by Edward Robins and Robert J. H. Handy. (Vernon Skinner, Jr., Abstracts of Worcester County Estate Docket 1742-1820, Brookeville, MD, 1993, p. 63)

Orphans Court Records, August 1804, Worcester County: Charles Bennett and Sarah, his wife, Executrix of Benjamin Purnell, Sr. (this is Sarah Irving widow of Benjamin who married Charles Bennett), verses John Stevens, Administrator of George Richardson, deceased. To show cause why the defendant should not give a receipt for the legacies bequeathed by the testors will to his intestates wife and children. The defendant acknowledges that he believes his intestate George Richardson in his lifetime received the legacies respectively in his lifetime given to the testors daughter Polly and her children and further that he believes that Nancy has received her legacies before her intermarriage with the said George Richardson. (August Court p. 76, research of Sue Hurley, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum)

Mary "Polly" Marshall Purnell and George Richardson had the following children:

child 210 i. Betsy Marshall5 Richardson. She married John Stevens in Worcester Co., MD, October 12, 1802. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester County Marriage Licenses 1795-1865)

John died 1820 in Worcester Co., MD. John Rock (who held guardian bonds for the land of minor Richardson children) had John Stevens as a witness to his will; the administration for John Rock notes that John Stevens died before 1821. Worcester Estate Docket 1742-1820 shows the administration of the estate of John Stevens was administered by Jacob Richards March 14, 1820, sureties John C. Bacon and John Hooper. (Vernon Skinner, Worcester Co. Estate Docket 1742-1820, p. 72)

child 211 ii. Samuel C. Richardson. Samuel died 1850. He married Rebecca White in Worcester Co., MD, 1819. Shown as a minor child in 1804, a marriage bond date for a Samuel Richardson & Rebecca White is shown in 1819. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester County Marriages) The chart prepared by Dr. William R. Bishop does not show this marriage for Samuel and it is not proved that he is the same Samuel who married Rebecca White; it is the same time period in which his siblings were married.

child 212 iii. Molly Richardson. She was a minor in 1804.

child 213 iv. Nancy Richardson. She was a minor in 1804.

child + 214 v. David Richardson(Capt.) was born 1788.

child 215 vi. Esme Richardson was born in Worcester Co., MD about 1796. He married Mary Sturgis in Worcester Co., MD, 1822. (Mary Beth & Vanessa Long, Worcester County Marriages)

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