Photos of Noted Places on Virginia's Eastern Shore

AerialCapeCharles.jpg (41841 bytes)
Ramshorn Channel (67K)
Cobb Island CG stations (38K)
Cobb Island CG stations (38K)
Northampton County
Court House (35K)
Aerial Photo
of Cape Charles
CheritonStationfromEltonBennett.jpg (156196 bytes) CobbIslandCGStationfromEltonBennett.JPG (92484 bytes)
christchurcheastville.jpg (117103 bytes)
Eyre Hall (42K)
Cheriton Station, 
from Elton Bennett
Cobb Island CG Station,
from Elton Bennett
Christ Church,

debtorsprisonaccomacfromeltonbennett3.JPG (157860 bytes)  debtorsprisonaccomacfromeltonbennett2.JPG (194656 bytes)  debtorsprisonaccomacfromeltonbennett1.JPG (137192 bytes) 

Quinby Post Office

Eastern Shore Locomotive

Debtors Prison, Accomack, 
from Elton Bennett

Quinby P.O.
from Linda H. Edwards

EastvilleDebtorsPrisonfrontfromEltonBennett.JPG (153880 bytes) places/EastvilleDebtorsPrison.JPG (187844 bytes) blekhs.jpg (26358 bytes) crstlpal.jpg (29529 bytes) quinbydepo.jpg (14331 bytes)

Debtors Prison, Eastville
from Elton Bennett

Bleak House
from Linda H. Edwards
Crystal Palace
from Linda H. Edwards
Painter Station
 from Linda H. Edwards
pic00004.jpg (19290 bytes) pic00009.jpg (15203 bytes) pic00013.jpg (21529 bytes) pic00014.jpg (15876 bytes)
Warwick Windingdale
on Occahannock Creek
Mount Pleasant
Home of Lucius Kellam
Kerr Place
WalkerOysterHse1914.jpg (42632 bytes) CobbIsLifesavingSta.jpg (31332 bytes)
Walkers Oyster House, 1914 Willis Wharf. from Denis Wood The "old" Cobb Island lifesaving station, early 1930s. from Denis Wood

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