311. John Outten5 Sturgis (Sr.) (Mary4 Outten, Sarah3 Purnell, John2, Thomas1) was born 1731. John died 1816 in Worcester Co., MD. Will dated May 19, 1814, probate February 20, 1816. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co. MD Will Book MH, f.167)

He married Sarah (wife of John O. Sturgis). John Outten Sturgis served as 2nd Lieutenant, Worcester Militia, Snow Hill Battalion, Capt. Samuel Smyley's Company, August 30, 1777 and is shown as 2nd Lieutenant, Worcester Militia Wicomico Battalion, Capt. Samuel Smyley's Company July 15, 1780. He took the Oath of Allegiance in Worcester County in 1778 before the Honorable Joshua Townsend. (Henry C. Peden, Revolutionary Patriots of Worcester & Somerset Counties)

John received "Robinsons Inheritance" from his father in 1749; John and wife Sarah sold 250 acres in 1769 to Parker Selby of Parker. John left "Friends Assistance" to his son, James, and grandson Henry Sturgis of John. He purchased 26 acres of "Conveniency" from Littleton Dennis in 1773 but had 150 acres in the 1783 tax. John purchased 228 1/2 acres of "The Hammer" from Moses Nelson in 1809 and left to his son James 28 1/2 acres. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Land Records) 1783 Tax List: "Conveniency" 4M, 4F.

He named grandsons, Henry, Handy Mills and John O. Sturgis of son John O. Sturgis; to his son James he left 150 acres "Convenience", 50 acres of "Friends Assistance", and 28 1/2 acres of "Addition to the Hammer". He named daughters Priscilla Nelson, wife of Joel, Sarah Nelson wife of William; granddaughter Mary Bell Nelson wife of George, sons Joshua and Daniel; granddaughter Margaret Nelson daughter of Jonathan Nelson; granddaughter Leah Brattan Sturgis, Sarah Mills Sturgis, Catherine Sturgis all daughters of John O., and his "daughter-in-law" Leah Sturgis widow of son John O. Sturgis. Witnesses were Joseph Stevenson, Ezekiel Wise and Parker Selby.

John Outten Sturgis(Sr.) and Sarah(wife of John O. Sturgis) had the following children:

child + 622 i. James6 Sturgis.

child + 623 ii. Priscilla Sturgis.

child 624 iii. Sarah Sturgis. She married William Nelson.

child 625 iv. Joshua Sturgis.

child 626 v. Daniel Sturgis.

child + 627 vi. John Outten Sturgis(Jr.) was born about 1756.

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