Second Generation

2. John2 Tilney (II) (John1) was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England June 8, 1618. John died May 28, 1701 in Northampton Co., VA, at 82 years of age.

He married three times. He married Ann Bouton in Suffolk, England, March 1, 1642. (Virkus, Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol. 2, 1926, pp. 172-173, copied by Pat Scherzinger) Ann was the daughter of John Bouton.

She was baptized in Kippax, England, May 15, 1625. Religion: religion unknown. He married Ann Smyth in Northampton Co., VA, March 1, 1647. Ann was the daughter of Thomas Smyth and Sarah(wife of Thomas Smyth). He married Mary (wife of John Tilney) in Northampton Co., VA, before January 5, 1677. Mary was born 1659. There were three individuals who were transported to the Eastern Shore with the name Tilney (or a variation in spelling). It is not known whether they were transported by an investor to earn land patents or whether they were transported as indentured servants.

The first to arrive was Symon Tillney who arrived in Warwick County about 1639. Symon's passage was sponsored by Robert Newman (Nugent; Chuck Warrington - Ghote). A John Tilney was transported by Thomas Buttons about 1666 to Rappa County. (Rappa Co. Patent Bk 5, p. 521, Church Warrington - Ghote)

A John Tylley arrived in Northampton County, Virginia about 1640. His transportation was sponsored by Dr. John Holloway. For his transportation, along with other individuals, John Holloway received a patent for 550 acres in Northampton/Accomack County. This family history traces the descendants of this man, as his sons and daughters settled the early Eastern Shore, extending from Northampton and Accomack to Maryland and Delaware.

In Virkus' "Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, it shows that John was sent by the English Crown as a collector of ports in 1648, that he was a member of the County Court for 40 years and married Anne Bouton in 1642, and that he was of royal ancestry. Anjou indicates ("The Tilney Family 1658-1902) that John emigrated with three children in 1646, and the persons he brought over had freedom, after five yars service or thereabout.

If John had children by Ann Bouton whom he brought to the colony, their names have not been located and it is unknown whether they lived. Dates of birth indicated for his known children do not indicate their mother as Ann Bouton.

John Tilney(II) and Ann Smyth had the following children:

child 3 i. Thomas3 Tilney was born in Northampton Co., VA. Thomas died before 1700 in Northampton Co., VA. Thomas was under age 21 on February 23, 1681.

child + 4 ii. Ann Tilney was born February 3, 1649.

child + 5 iii. Sarah Tilney was born November 18, 1650.

child + 6 iv. John Tilney(III) was born August 3, 1652.

child + 7 v. Margaret Tilney was born about 1658.

child + 8 vi. Susanna Tilney was born about 1659.

child + 9 vii. William Tilney was born about 1661.

child + 10 viii. Mary Tilney was born 1663.

child 11 ix. George Tilney was born 1670. George died before 1701.

John Tilney(II) and Mary(wife of John Tilney) had the following child:

child 12 x. Martha Tilney was born in Northampton Co., VA 1699. Martha died after 1701 in Northampton Co., VA.

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