162. Smith6 Bell (Thomas5, Sarah4 Tilney, John3, John2, John1) was born in DE about 1775. Smith died 1828 at 53 years of age.

He married Martha Buzby. Martha was the daughter of Isaac Buzby and Naomi Owen. Martha died May 30, 1872. She was from Burlington Co., NJ. Smith is shown as 45+ in the 1820 census. He died without a will. Histories of Columbiana Co., OH indicate Smith arrived there in 1805 and had 12 children. a 1980 newsletter by the Genealogy Society of Columbiana County mentioned a family history by Robert Bell, dentist; however, a search by a Bell descendant has been unable to locate such history. Sketches for Smith's children, Sarah, Smith and Hiram are included with various histories of the Upper Ohio Valley and Columbiana County and indicate Smith as the son of Thomas Bell and Thamar Smith of Delaware and grandson of William Bell and Sarah Tilney (also spelled Tinsley and Tinley). According to these histories, Smith and Martha Bell came to Ohio from New Jersey in 1805 and took up forty acres of land "which he redeemed from its wild state." A mantle clock belonging to Smith and Martha Bell is now the property of a local museum in Columbiana County. All the children were born at Elk Run Township, Columbiana County, OH. (research of Lori Granger)

Smith Bell and Martha Buzby had the following children:

child 236 i. Thomas7 Bell. He married MaryAnn Pike.

child 237 ii. Sarah Bell was born June 15, 1806. Sarah died May 25, 1891 at 84 years of age. She married Taylor McMillan. "Miss Sarah Bell, who was born June 15, 1806, in Elk Run township, and rocked in a sugar trough on a puncheon floor."(per History of the Upper Ohio Valley written about 1885-notes of Lori Granger)

child 238 iii. Joseph Bell was born May 8, 1809. Joseph died July, 1871 at 62 years of age. He married Maria McMillan.

child 239 iv. Hiram Bell was born November 25, 1816. Hiram died February 19, 1885 at 68 years of age. He married Martha Freed or Freidt.

child 240 v. Smith Bell(Jr.) was born February 17, 1821. Smith died March 18, 1897 at 76 years of age. He married twice. He married Edith Atinson. He married Eliza Wright.

child 241 vi. Mary Ann Bell was born February 20, 1824. Mary died March 8, 1883 at 59 years of age.

child 242 vii. Robert Bell was born February 14, 1825. Robert died October 19, 1909 at 84 years of age. He married Dorothea Betz.

child 243 viii. Martha Ann Bell was born May 20, 1827. Martha died May 27, 1900 at 73 years of age.

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