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Kathy Cummings * Keller, Virginia * 757-442-7665 or 757-709-1840 * * Wildlife Rehab Permit Number 028007
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Needs and Wish List
Don't throw ANYTHING out, please. please, call me first!
If we can use it, we'll even try and get it picked up.

We always need any cleaning supplies, such as: trash bags, detergent, bleach, tissue with lotion and paper towels. Anything else you can think of will probably help a lot.

We can use any storage equipment that you would like to donate: bins, garbage cans, even sheds.

Right now we are building more release cages, so any lumber, wire, chain link or other construction materials would be absolutely appreciated.

Another great idea would be to have your boyscout, girlscout or other troop build release cages or nest boxes for young releasable babies. We have plans.

We need 'cozy' materials such as: baby blankets, receiving blankets, heating pads, towels and old blue jeans to make hanging sacs for young raccoons to nest in while inside.

We can use ceramic or metal bowls, kennels, crates or dog houses, metal cages, aquariums and live animal traps.

We are always in need of food, such as: corn, sunflower seed, fruits, vegetables, dry dog food, bread, specific powdered milk, baby food, pedialyte, baby rice cereal, KMR

Dog or cat toys, baby toys or rattles, plastic keys and baby bottles,

Medication products such as: flea spray, Frontline or Adams, only please! Matter of safety.

We also would appreciate offers of farmland or rural areas where release cages can be placed and maintained or nesting boxes placed for wildlife.

Bonnie at Eastern Shore Pets is also 'plugged in ' to the type of items we use. She would have suggestions. She can be reached at 757-787-1462

And, as always, $$$$$ is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!! We will soon have arrangements online for donations.

Volunteer time for wildlife as needed.

As the Shore grows we will see more and more displaced wildlife. We should all do our part to ensure they are protected. They, too, deserve a safe place to live. Please help our wild friends here on the Shore. If you have a special love for those things meant to be wild and free, then consider becoming a licensed wildlife rehabber or volunteer.

Kathy Cummings