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Rocky at home

Nuisance Wildlife

We always take it personally when wildlife envades our home. We expect them to know this is not his home but mine!! Many times wildlife may view your home as a tool for survival. Food, shelter and warmth are something they welcome as much as we do. Attics may seem less safe if loud music,lights,or strong odors such as mothballs change their idea of home. Please remember that during the baby season it may take a few days for a mom to relocate her newborns. So be patient or ask for help and ideas.

If you are leaving garbage outside or food for pets, you must expect raccoons or opossums to come calling at some time. If you feed the birds, then expect squirrels to want to share in the seed. Use squirrel baffles or share the feeders. A great source for info on Nuisance Wildlife Solutions can be found at

Remember that raccoons, bats and fox can be carriers of rabies, so use extra caution with these animals.