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Rocky at home

We want to thank everyone who has helped
make it possible for us to help all
the injured and displaced wildlife that come through these doors.

You need to know that good people like you make good things possible!!
Mr Chuck Leland recently donated a beautiful Gazebo Aviary - for all sizes of birds. And a birdcage just right for all those songbirds. They were given in Memory of his wife, Colette. I could tell from our conversations with him and their family that she loved her birds very much and was someone very special to them. Her chair and fountain was inside the Gazebo, and I am sure she spent very special moments there with her birds. I cannot express how much it meant to us. Thank you Colette and Chuck.

Thanks to Ruth Boadicher for her generous donation.
Mr Edward Fooks donation.
And especially Sanford Church for their generous donation.

We recently received a trailer load! of supplies from
the family of Jane Turner and Julie Turner-Sall
and their neighbors Mr and Mrs Beadle.
There were lots of jeans to be made into hammocks for the baby raccoons to nest in.
A college size refrigerator! - formula can now be stored in the rehab nursery -
along with all the bags of frozen mice and fish for the feathered friends in need.
There was also a much appreciated small window Air Conditioner!
for the really hot summer days.
Bedding and paper towels.
for outside hide aways in the larger release cages.
Bowls & baskets, a great vari kennel for the small baby deer.
We are so grateful!! Thank you so much!

Geri Gavard also brought by some plywood for more nest boxes
and carrying cages for the hawks and owls.
Geri - you just can't know how much it's appreciated!

A BIG 'Thank You'

to The Kyle Harris Construction Co.
for their continuing donations of lumber for growing needs.
And ....
A BIG 'Thank You' also,
to Steve and Cynthia Walton for their generous donation.

A BIG 'Thank You' also,
to Jerry and Bonnie Gavard
for a trailer full of lumber

Did we mention we got an incubator donated? It's great and we hope it will help save lots of possums in the future who need that extra help.
The folks at Medical Equipment Corporation are the very best!!!!!
We hope they know how wonderful we think they are!!!

A BIG 'Thank You' , also to the folks at Parksley Sign Company, (they found Shirley, one of the baby deer) set us up with magnetic signs for the van with Shore Wildlife Logo and pics of wildlife, even a pic of the little fawn they rescued on the signs. So wave if you see the van!!!

Mr and Mrs Billy Sturgis came across our website and called.
They had loads of things for rehabing; fencing and cages!

Kathy Cummings