Third Generation

5. Smith3 Bunting (Jonathan2, William1) was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1715. Smith died 1770 in Accomack Co., VA, at 55 years of age.

He married twice. He married Ann West in Accomack Co., VA, about 1736. (Mary F. Carey, Acc. Land Causes 1773-1805, p. 14)

Ann was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1717. Ann was the daughter of John West(Lt.) and Agnes Burton. Ann died about 1760 in Accomack Co., VA. Her father called her Ann Bunting in 1754. She was not mentioned in her mother's will of 1760.

He married Elisha or Eleshe Edmunds about 1763. Elisha died about 1776 in Accomack Co., VA. She was the widow of Jonathan Edmunds and named her children in her 1776 will with surnames Chapman and Edmunds. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., p. 293

He made a will in Accomack Co., VA, May 6, 1770. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., p. 250)

Smith's will was probated in Accomack Co., VA, May 29, 1770. Executors: wife, Eleshe; brother, William Black Bunting. Witnesses: Tabitha Bayly, Elizabeth Bayly.

Smith Bunting and Ann West had the following children:

child + 21 i. Bridget4 Bunting was born about 1739.

child 22 ii. Robinson Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1744. Robinson died after 1770.

child + 23 iii. Levin Bunting was born about 1748.

child + 24 iv. Kendal Bunting was born about 1751.

child + 25 v. Smith Bunting(Jr.) was born about 1752.

child + 26 vi. Neomy Bunting was born about 1753.

child 27 vii. George Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1754. George died 1831 in Accomack Co., VA, at 77 years of age. Will dated September 14, 1831, probate May 18, 1832. Charles Belote and Levin James, executors; Witt: Henry P. Parker. At probate John Bull, John Mason and John Hargis who are part of the distributees appeared and opposed the will. Several witness proved the will. He was named executor by Smith Bunting, son of his brother, Levin, in 1802.

Whitelaw describes a George Bunting who died by 1832, when his executors sold his property at Onancock. He purchased the property in 1809 from John Smith Snead, then of Kentucky, Lots 3 and 4. In 1816 Bunting sold to Rev. William Lee and reserved a small lot on the street and creek which became known as Bunting Lot. Apparently, according to Whitelaw, George was an eccentrid character, as tradition relates that he had his coffin made some years before his death and slept in it each night, but during the day it ws hoisted to the ceiling by an arrangement of ropes and pulleys. (Ralph T. Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore, p. 911)

This is probably one and the same George Bunting who evidently had a lot of trouble writing his will to his satisfaction over a period of weeks or longer, in which he named some of his many nieces, nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews. With the "bad conduct" of his beneficiaries, real or rumoured, he would change his will. This is all expressed by the many witnesses when the will was presented. This will names or his estate distributes to more than 50 heirs, all descendants of his many brothers and sisters. (notes of M.K. Miles - Accomack Sup. Ct. W 1831-55, p. 28)

child 28 viii. Ann "Nancy" Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1755. A note of interest from the Parish records concerns an Ann Bunting, who, on September 28, 1778, paid a fine for her bastard. This might be Ann "Nancy," daughter of Smith, of Jonathan, on whom nothing is really known except she would be of the right age and in the right area to be included in these Parish records. (Gail M. Walczyk, St. George's Parish Accomack County Vestry Book 1763-1787, p. 67)

child 29 ix. Burton Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1757. She married Jacob Ironmonger. Jacob was the son of Edward Ironmonger. (Mary Frances Carey, Early Buntings of the Eastern Shore)

child + 30 x. Seymour Bunting was born about 1759.

child + 31 xi. William Bunting was born about 1760.

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