24. Kendal4 Bunting (Smith3, Jonathan2, William1) was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1751. Kendal died 1796 in Accomack Co., VA, at 45 years of age.

He married Zillar-Zillah-Ziller Darby. Zillar-Zillah-Ziller was the daughter of Owen Darby and Tamer Kellam. Zillar-Zillah-Ziller died October, 1818. Zillah is named daughter by Tamar Darby in her 1791 will. Zillah's sister is Tamar Bunting in 1791. Tamar Darby named Kendal Bunting as her executor. Levin Bunting was a witness to the will.

Zeller Bunting is shown on the 1800 census of Accomack County page 2 (10010-0100019). Marriage record of December, 1806 shows Maria Bunting as the daughter of Zillah.

He made a will in Accomack Co., VA, January 7, 1796. Kendal's will was probated in Accomack Co., VA, January 25, 1796. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., p. 432) Kendall married Zillar/Zillah Darby. A notation in the Smith Bunting Bible (extracted copy on file at Poquoson Library, Bunting file) shows that Zillen Bunting, wife of Kendal Bunting, departed this life October, 1818. Their daughter, Anna Maria, married a Smith Bunting.

Mary Frances Carey speculates in "The Buntings of Jenkins Bridge" that John W. Bunting was the orphan of Kendal Bunting. By dates, there would be a generation between Kendal and John W. Mrs. Carey's research among descendants of John W. Bunting reported that he was an orphan from Staunton. Kendal Bunting did not name his children in his will and it is not proved that he had a son or whether that son went to Staunton. That John W. Bunting named his son Kendal is the strongest fact on which this speculation is based.

Executor: friend, Severn Kellam; Witnesses: Americus Scarborough, George Bunting, Andrew Turner.

Kendal Bunting and Zillar-Zillah-Ziller Darby had the following children:

child + 89 i. Son5 Bunting.

child 90 ii. Luther & Others Bunting was born about 1784. He married twice. He married Rosey Mason in Accomack Co., VA, November 27, 1809. (Nora M. Turman, Marriage Records of Accomack Co., VA 1776-1854)

He married Elizabeth Lewis in Accomack Co., VA, March 4, 1812. (Nora M. Turman, Marriage Records of Accomack Co., VA 1776-1854) Luther was a member of Capt. Samuel Shield's Company of Light Infantry and on the muster roll of March 1, 1813. The muster shows him from York Co., VA, a waterman born in Accomack County and 6' tall. William "Smith" Bunting is also a member of the same company. (Vincent Walkins, History of Tabernacle Methodist Church)

Kendal died without a will. The names of his children are not known. Mrs. Carey believes that the John W. Bunting of Chincoteague & Pocomoke City descends from Kendal. Mrs. Carey names the children of Kendal as "Luther & others." (Mary Frances Carey, The Buntings of Jenkins Bridge)

There is a Luther Bunting on the 1810 census of Accomack. Luther and his second wife, Elizabeth, moved to Poquoson, York Co., VA about the same time as William "Smith" Bunting. Smith Bunting had married Luther's sister, Anna Maria, as his second wife and referred to Luther as "brother." It is not clear if the use of this term indicates "brother-in-law" or if there may have been a brotherly relationship if Smith had been an orphan raised in Luther's household.

child + 91 iii. Anna "Maria" Bunting was born about 1788.

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