25. Smith4 Bunting (Jr.) (Smith3, Jonathan2, William1) was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1752. Smith died 1786 in Accomack Co., VA, at 34 years of age.

He married Hyatinca "Tincey" (?wife of Smith Bunting Jr). Hyatinca died before November 30, 1789 in Accomack Co., VA. She made a will in Accomack Co., VA, before November 30, 1789. Hyatinca's will was probated in Accomack Co., VA, June 28, 1791. Nuncupative will was proved November 30, 1789. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., p. 371, 390) Nuncupative will Proved by: Richard Young and Reubin Young.Estate administration: John Cropper, Jr., Thomas Cropper, security: "That she have the one half of all her estate after paying her just debts to Jonathan Tarp"

Upon Smith's death, his estate was administered in Accomack Co., VA, April 26, 1786. Gail Walczyk found information on Smith in Albert Willett's "Poquoson Watermen (p. 167) that Smith was a member of a militia regiment made up of mostly men from Accomack County, under Captain Snead in York County, VA, during the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Carey has marked Smith Bunting, Jr.'s name that he had service during the Revolution.

Smith died without a will and administration was granted to a Hyatinca Bunting and secured by John Cropper, Sr. in 1786. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., p. 346)

Smith Bunting(Jr.) and Hyatinca "Tincey"(?wife of Smith Bunting Jr) had the following child:

child 92 i. John5 Bunting. John Bunting, son of Smith Bunting d. 1786, was named in the will of Smith Bunting d. 1802, son of Levin. John would have been Smith's 1st cousin.

Smith Bunting(Jr.) had the following child:

child + 93 ii. William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek) was born about 1780.

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