93. William "Smith"5 Bunting (of Back Creek) (Smith4, Smith3, Jonathan2, William1) was born about 1780. William died February 4, 1845 in York Co., VA, at 64 years of age. (Smith Bunting Bible, extract on file at Poquoson Library, Bunting file)

He married three times. He married Nanny Rodgers in Accomack Co., VA, December 5, 1805. (Nora M. Turman, Marriage Records of Accomack Co. VA 1776-1854)

Nanny was born about 1785. Nanny died 1806 in Accomack Co., VA, at 21 years of age. Nanny/Nancy was the daughter of John Rogers. (notes of Michael Bunting)

He married Anna "Maria" Bunting in Accomack Co., VA, December 27, 1806. The Accomack bond shows December, 1806 and that Maria Bunting is the daughter of Zillah. (Nora M. Turman, Marriage Records of Accomack Co. VA 1776-1854) The Smith Bunting Bible shows 27 December, 1806 as the date of marriage.

Anna was born about 1788. Anna was the daughter of Kendal Bunting and Zillar-Zillah-Ziller Darby. Anna died March 31, 1819 in Poquoson, VA, at 30 years of age. The Smith Bunting Bible shows Ann Maria Bunting, the wife of Smith Bunting, departed this life on the last day of March 1819 about 11 o'clock at night. (extract of Bible on file at Poquoson Library, Bunting file)

He married Ann "Nancy" Topping in York Co., VA, July 14, 1819. (Albert Willett, Poquoson Watermen, p. 168) Bond date was July 3; Bible shows marriage on July 14; a date of July 13, 1819 and the marriage performed by Joshua Featherston is shown in the York County Court Guadian Book 1780-1823. She was 14 when she married.

Ann was born June 21, 1805. Ann was the daughter of George Topping and Rosey Bonwell. Ann died after 1860. He gave his age as 50-60 in the 1840 York County census. It is not proved that he was the son of Smith Bunting, Jr. Smith Bunting, Jr. did leave young orphans, but their names are not known.

Smith Bunting was a member of Capt. Samuel Shield's Company of Light Infantry on the muster roll of March 1, 1813, War of 1812. He is described as a planter, a native of Accomac, who was 5' 6" tall. A Luther Bunting, waterman from Accomack, 6' tall, is listed in the same Company. Captain Shield's Company would have been part of the 2nd Battalion 115th Regiment of Virginia Militia and participated in the Battle of Hampton on June 25, 1813. (Vincent Walkins, History of Tabernacle Methodist Church, pp. 16-18)

Notes of Michael Bunting indicate that Smith referred to Luther Bunting as "brother." Luther was the son of Kendal and Zillar Bunting and brother of Smith's second wife, Anna Maria Bunting. Smith may have used the term to refer to his "brother-in-law" and the possibility exists that William Smith Bunting, orphan, may have been raised in the household of Kendal & Zillar Bunting.

Smith Bunting's name appears on a York County Legislative Petition dated February 11, 1839 regarding the curtailment of their livlihood as oystermen. (Vincent Walkins, History of Tabernacle Methodist Church, pp15, 76, 79) Smith is found in the 1820 and 1840 census of York County. Ann Bunting is shown as head of household in the 1850 & 1860 census of York County.

Smith Bunting had 17 children as shown in his Bible. (extract from Smith Bunting Bible on file at Poquoson Library, Bunting file; Louis Barnes). He had 11 by his 3rd wife, Nancy Topping. He had 5 by wife, Anna Maria Bunting, three who lived to adulthood.

William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek) and Anna "Maria" Bunting had the following children:

child 178 i. John Kendal6 Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA September 5, 1807. John died November 20, 1809 in Accomack Co., VA, at 2 years of age. (Smith Bunting Bible)

child 179 ii. John Kendal Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA October 15, 1810. John died November, 1810 in Accomack Co., VA, at less than one year of age.

child 180 iii. Smith Kendal Bunting was born in Accomack Co., VA February 23, 1812. (Smith Bunting Bible) Smith died 1865 in Baltimore, MD, at 53 years of age. He married Margarett Miller in Baltimore, MD, January 22, 1834. Margarett was born about 1814. Margarett died after 1870 in Baltimore, MD. $35.75 was paid to Smith K. Bunting for his legacy on by October 7, 1837 when the inventory, sale & audit of the estate of George Bunting was recorded. (notes of Louis Barnes) He was a resident of Baltimore City in the 1840 & 1850 census. As S.K. Bunting, age 38 in 1850, he was a carpenter born in Virginia. He is shown as Smith K. in 1860. Smith was deceased by 1870, when Margarett is shown as head of household. (notes of Michael Bunting)

Children of Smith and Margaret Bunting, all born in Baltimore, MD (notes of Michael Bunting): George W. Bunting b.c. 1834, d. aft. 1870; Joseph Bunting b.c. 1835; William Henry Bunting b.c. 1837; Catherine Bunting b.c. 1838; Mary E. Bunting b.c. 1843; Margaret Bunting b.c. 1844; Emily Bunting b.c. 1846; Cornelia Bunting b.c. 1848; Smith K. Bunting b. 1849, d. aft. 1890; Edward Bunting b.c. 1852; Winfield Scott Bunting b.c. 1855, m. May Elizabeth Wooden.

child 181 iv. Elizabeth Bunting was born in York Co., VA March 2, 1813. Elizabeth died September 2, 1832 in York Co., VA, at 19 years of age. (Smith Bunting Bible)

child + 182 v. Millendy-Malinday Bunting was born September 4, 1815.

child 183 vi. George W. Bunting was born in York Co., VA March 18, 1817. (Smith Bunting Bible) George died after 1870 in Baltimore, MD. Before June 3, 1846, $33.33 was paid to P. P. Mayo for George Bunting of Smith's legacy from the estate of George Bunting d. 1832. He is shown in the 1850 census living next to his step-mother, Ann Bunting, with wife, Amelia, and children: Susan 15, Ann 8, Wesley 6, Virginia E. 4, and Septimus (male) 2. George moved to Baltimore, MD after the 1850 census.

It would appear George married previous to Amelia and by his wife wife had daughter, Susan Bunting b.c. 1836 York Co. He married second Amelia and had children: Ann Maria Bunting b.c. 1842 York Co., m. Henry Simpson; Wesley Bunting b.c. 1844 York Co., d. aft. 1870; Virginia E. Bunting b.c. 1846 York Co.; Septimus Bunting b.c. 1848 York Co., d. bef. 1855; Septimus Bunting b.c. 1855 Baltimore, d. aft. 1890. (notes of Michael Bunting)

William "Smith" Bunting (of Back Creek) and Ann "Nancy" Topping had the following children:

child 184 vii. Mary Ann Bunting was born in York Co., VA October 12, 1820. (Smith Bunting Bible) Mary died August 8, 1906 in York Co., VA, at 85 years of age. She married Daniel Carmines(Jr.) in York Co., VA, May 10, 1839. Daniel was born in York Co., VA May 2, 1802. Daniel died April 26, 1869 in York Co., VA, at 66 years of age. Daniel was son of Daniel Carmines and Dorothy Elizabeth Phillips. Children: Cyrus Benjamin Carmines b. 7/12/1840, d. 9/27/1902; Franklin Woodard Carmines b. 9/2/1845, d. 12/31/1932 m. Sarah Camilla Moore; Evelyn Bayley Carmines b. 2/2/1846, d. 12/2/1908; Sydney Decatur Carmines b. 1/29/1844, d. 1/6/1927, m. Virginia S. Freeman, m. Indianna Cox; Celestia Armistead Carmines b. 11/28/1855, d. 3/18/1936, m. James Wesley Dryden s/o Littleton; Mary Elizabeth Carmines b. 4/5/1853, d. 8/12/1933 m. John W. Dryden s/o Littleton; Lucy Carmines b. 10/12/1856, d. 9/17/1926; Sarah Paulina Carmines b. 10/5/1849 m. John W. Evans; Lemuel J. Bowden Carmines b. 12/10/1851 d. 5/23/1927; Edith Carmines b. 2/16/1860 m. John T. Topping, m. William Saunders; Edward Carmines b. 2/16/1860. (notes of Michael Bunting)

child 185 viii. Joseph Bunting was born in York Co., VA May 11, 1823. Joseph died June 14, 1824 in York Co., VA, at 1 year of age. (note by JFF in Smith Bunting Bible file) He is shown age 12 in the 1850 census in the home of Ann Bunting. His son was Joseph Franklin "Joe Frank" Bunting.

child 186 ix. Emmeline Bunting was born in York Co., VA July 6, 1824. (Smith Bunting Bible) Emmeline died after 1860. She married Richard Walter about 1840. Richard was born in Accomack Co., VA about 1815. Richard was the son of Thomas Walter and Nancy Sturgis. (notes of Michael Bunting) Children: Edward Monroe Walter b.c. 1841; Rosanna Walter b.c. 1842; William Walter b.c. 1844; Henry T. Walter b.c. 1848; Edith Walter b.c. 1851; John Walter b.c. 1855.

child 187 x. Rosannah Bunting was born in York Co., VA September 27, 1826. (Smith Bunting Bible) Rosannah died January 27, 1901 in York Co., VA, at 74 years of age. She married Robert Henry Smith about 1850. Robert was born in York Co., VA July 4, 1824. Robert died 1864 in York Co., VA, at 39 years of age. Various research shows him the son of Henry Smith and Martha Presson OR the son or grandson of Levin Smith who left Accomack after the Revolution and settled in York County. She is shown as age 21, living in the household of Ann Bunting in 1850.

Children: Emma Smith b. 9/28/1851, d. 1/8/1937, m. Callowhill Freeman; Isaac Smith b. 4/10/1854, d. 10/5/1944, m. Elizabeth Hunt; Count Waleski Smith b. 5/2/1856, d. 1/7/1926, m. Elizabeth Riggins; Lasetta Smith b. 9/27/1859, d. 4/11/1915, m. Stephen L. Moore; Martha "Patsy" Smith b. 10/17/1861, d. 1/30/1928, m. Willis Hunt; Robert H. Smith, Jr. b. 3/1/1865, d. 11/12/1933 m. Alice Phillips. (notes of Clay Moore)

child 188 xi. Rose Bunting was born in York Co., VA September, 1827. (noted with ? - Smith Bunting Bible)

child 189 xii. Jeremiah Bunting was born in York Co., VA September 25, 1828. (Smith Bunting Bible; notes of JFF in Bible file notes dob as January 25, 1828) Jeremiah died before 1905 in Bristol, VA. He married Mary Ann Lindsay about 1851. Mary was born in James City Co., VA about 1835. Mary died after 1905 in Bristol, VA. She was the daughter of Thomas Lindsay and Caroline Martin. Jeremiah went to William & Mary College and became a pharmacist. His household is listed in 1860 Williamsburg, VA. He enlisted in Charles City Light Dragoons and 5/18/1861 this troop mustered in service as Co. D, 3rd Reg. In 1862 they were assigned to the 5th VA Reg., Co. H and fought under the Calvary command of Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, Brig. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, Brigade Commander, with Col. Thomas L. Rosser, Regimental Commander. They participated in 1862 at the Seven Days Battle of Richmond, Second Bull Run, and Antietam. He moved his family to Richmond, VA, and after the Civil War, to Goodson Township, Washington Co., VA (Bristol). He is John Bunting in the 1870 census. A Bristol, TN paper did a write-up on Bunting Drug Store many years later and showed Jeremiah Bunting as the founder. (notes of Louis Barnes and Michael Bunting)

Children: Oscar Smith Bunting b. 4/16/1853 James Cty Co., d. 2/24/1905 Petersburg, VA; Caroline Bunting b.c. 1855 James Cty Co., d. aft. 1905, m. (N) Brooks; Marietta "Minnie" Bunting b.c. 1856 James Cty Co., d. aft. 1905; Chambers L. Bunting (Dr.) b.c. 1858 James Cty Co., d. 12/14/1927 Bibb Co., GA; Mary Bunting b.c. 1860 James Cty Co., d. aft. 1905; Jeremiah Bunting, Jr. b.c. 1862 James Cty Co., d. aft. 1905, m. Margaret Douglas Fry; John Summerfield Bunting b.c. 1865 Richmond, VA, was in Philadelphia, PA in 1898; Lindsay Bunting b. 2/23/1867 Richmond, VA, d. 7/29/1960 Bristol, VA, m. Susan Ellen Kingsolver. (notes of Michael Bunting)

child 190 xiii. Cornelia Jane Bunting was born in York Co., VA May 26, 1829. (Smith Bunting Bible) Cornelia died after 1850. She married James T. Watkins. James was born in York Co., VA 1822. Captain, 115th VA Militia. She is shown age 19 in 1850 census in household of Ann Bunting.

Children: Angelina Watkins b.c. 1850, d. aft. 1895, m. Benjamin Tennis, m. Clarence Kratzner; Lauretta Watkins b.c. 1862, d. aft. 1910; Smith Watkins b. 1855; James T. Watkins, Jr. b. 1857, d. aft. 1910, m. Mary Wesley Watkins; Pohatan Watkins b. 1860; Cornelia Jane Watkins b.c. 1863, d. aft. 1893, m. James Littleton Mears, m. T. J. Jones; Cassie Ann Watkins b. 3/11/1867, d. 11/30/1963. (notes of Michael Bunting)

child 191 xiv. Solomon Bunting was born in York Co., VA October 28, 1833. He was age 21 at his marriage in 1855 (York Co. Marriages) Solomon died 1896 in Warwick Co., VA, at 62 years of age. He married twice. He married Matilda Ward in York Co., VA, March 10, 1855. (York Co. Marriage Index)

Matilda was born 1839. Matilda was the daughter of Seth Ward and Sarah Watkins. (Louis N. Barnes)

He married Alice Hopkins in York Co., VA, September, 1874. (bond date of August 29, 1874 shown in Albert Willett, Poquoson Watermen, p. 318-319) The marriage took place in September at Frank Amory's and was performed by R.N. Crooks (Record book of the Methodist Church from 1851-1879 at Randolph Macon College Archives, Ashland, VA) He is shown age 17 in 1850 household of Ann Bunting. He is head of household in 1860 York Co., Poquoson Dist., with wife Matilda, and his occupation as inland sailor. He is shown in 1880 with wife Alice.

Children: John Wesley Bunting b. 1/24/1857, d. 3/26/1917; Jeremiah Bunting b. 1860, d. aft. 1930; Rossanna Bunting b. 1876, m. (N) turlington; Annie Bunting b. 1879.

child 192 xv. Jonathan John "Wesley" Bunting was born about 1836. Jonathan died after 1870. 1850 & 1860 census, he is at home with his mother, Ann, in Poquoson Dist., York County. He is age 16 in 1850 and age 24, a sailor, in 1860. Joe Frank Bunting, son of Joseph Bunting, refers to him as "Wesley" and said 'Wesley lived in Staunton, he was in the war and he was a prisoner, his wife heard he was dead and married again. He came home as far as Yorktown and found out she had married and he left and went to Staunton, VA and changed his name to Evans.' (letter by Della Bunting, daughter of Joe Frank, included in research of Louis Barnes) Louis Barnes is still researching this line. In his conversations with Oneal Bunting, she has no recollection of anyone from Staunton, VA.

He is listed as Jonathon W. Bunting in 1850. January 28, 1861, Wesley Bunting enlisted into 32nd VA Infantry Reg., Co. I, York Rangers. He was of dark complexion, blue eyes, 5' 3.9", ocupation, blacksmith. He participated in the Battle of Big Bethel 1861 and burning of Hampton in 1861. In the spring of 1862, he was with his company at Ships Point. On 4/27/1862 this unit fought in a retreating action while repositioning itself to defend Williamsburg. During the Battle of Williamsburg, 5/5/1862, Wesley was taken as Prisoner of War. A John Evans is found in the 1870 census of Augusta Co., VA. His age was 37 and his occupation, blacksmith. His wife was Mary E. and he had children, Sallie, 3, and William S., 1. Augusta County birth records show children born to John and Mary Evans: male b. 3/1/1871, Sarah b. 9/14/1872, Walter b. 3/10/1874, Walter b. 4/10/1875, Sullivan b. 12/22/1878. (notes of Michael Bunting)

In "The Buntings of Jenkins Bridge," Mrs. Carey suggests that Cpt. John W. Bunting 1836-1907, who married Susan Jester, was reported by his descendants as an orphan from Staunton, VA. Because he named his son Kendal, Mrs. Carey felt there may be a connection to Kendal Bunting; however, the dates from Kendal to John W. are too great for Kendal to be John W.'s father and more likely he was grandfather. (For this report, Cpt. John W. Bunting is shown as a grandson of Kendal, with an unknown father.) Because both John Wesley Bunting and John W. Bunting share nearly identical years of birth and family stories about them place both in Staunton, VA, there is still a lot that needs to be researched on both these lines.

child 193 xvi. William "Elverton" Bunting was born in York Co., VA February 24, 1838. (Smith Bunting Bible) William died September 15, 1862 in Winchester, VA, at 24 years of age. He enlised at Williamsburg, Co. I, York Rangers, 32nd Reg. VA Infantry, on May 27, 1861. He participated in the Battle of Big Bethel 1861, Battle of Williamsburg 1862 and Battle of Savage's Station 1862. June 30, 1862, he was listed as "absent for sickness." In August, he was back with his regiment when they began the march from Richmond to join Lee at Sharpsburg. On September 12, the regiment fought a minor skirmish outside of Middletown, south of Winchester. On September 15, William "died of disease" in a hospital in Winchester. (notes of Michael Bunting)

He is shown as Elverton in the 1850 census in the household of Ann Bunting. Joe Frank Bunting, in his recollections, refers to him as "Kendal." (notes of Louis Barnes)

child 194 xvii. Joseph Bunting was born in York Co., VA October, 1841. Joseph died January 14, 1923 in York Co., VA, at 81 years of age. He married about 1861 Sarah Page c.1843-1869 d/o Cpt. William Page & Rachel Mesick. He m. 2nd Vianna Virginia Forrest 4/16/1870, Hampton VA, d/o Henry Forrest & Mary Simpson.

Children: Rachel Ann Bunting b. 11/22/1862, d. 1/15/1946; William Wirt Bunting b.c. 1866, d. aft. 1910; Mary Elizabeth Bunting b. 2/24/1871, d. 4/11/1953; Henry Smith Bunting b. 10/18/1873, d. 2/22/1957; Rosanna Bunting b. 12/8/1875, d. 10/12/1962; Joseph Franklin Bunting b. 10/1878, d. 8/30/1973; Cornelia Jane Bunting b. 10/1880, d. c. 1905, m. Robert Harvey; Edward Dolby Bunting b. 10/1884, d. 12/15/1957; Rodella Bunting b. 3/5/1886, d. 7/7/1906, m. Crooks Topping; Missouri Louise Bunting b. 2/22/1890, d. 4/20/1966; Bessie Bunting b. 9/1894; Sellie Taylor Bunting b. 3/15/1899, d. 10/1972. (notes of Michael Bunting)

child 195 xviii. Theodore Bunting was born in York Co., VA March 22, 1844. (note by JFF on Bible records at Poquoson Library) Theodore died after 1868. He is shown age 8 in the 1850 census in the household of Ann Bunting. He married Catherine Sterling June 6, 1868 at Elizabeth City Co., VA. Catherine Sterling 1851-aft. 1870 was the daughter of William & Indianna Sterling. Children: John Theodore Bunting b. 1869; Lucy Bunting b. 1869. (notes of Michael Bunting)

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