8. Capt. Phillip4 Fisher (I) (John3, John2, (-----)1)(37) was born in Northampton Co, VA, 1637.(38) Phillip died 1703 in Northampton Co, VA, at 66 years of age.(39)

He married Elizabeth Maddox before 1660.(40) Elizabeth was born circa 1640 in Northampton Co, VA. Elizabeth(41) was the daughter of Alexander Mattocks|Maddox (I) and Ellinor (-----). Elizabeth was living 9 Dec 1701 in Northampton Co, VA.(42) Elizabeth Mattocks was named in her father, Alexander Mattocks', will written 10 Jan 1659/60, as my eldest daughter Elizabeth Fisher wife of Philip Fisher. Since it noted "if she dies without issue, then her share to be divided by my other children," it is assumed that her and Philip Fisher's children were born after Jan 1659/60 (N'hamp Co Deeds, Wills, etc., 1657-66, p. 64).

Phillip was employed. Phillip was living 4 Dec 1639 in Northampton Co, VA.(43) Phillip's will was probated 1 Mar 1702/3 in Northampton Co, VA.(44) Phillip Fisher offered to keep Rebecca Fisher the orphan of Stephen (N'hamp Co Orders, 1657-64, p. 110). Philip Fisher is named in his father-in-law, Richard Bayly's will, written 12 Jun 1661. Bayly left his "son-in-law (step-son) Philip Fisher's daughter a ew lamb." Bayly also named "Rebecca Fisher the daughter of Stephen Fisher decesased a ew lamb." Philip Fisher was also a witness to Bayly's will along with Edward Moore and John Fawset (N'hamp Co Deeds, Wills, etc., p. 93). On 14 Feb 1666, Phillip Fisher and Rowland Baugh witnessed the will of John Williams, of Accomack, at the upper end of Nassawadox Creek. Williams named only a wife Frances (Acc Co Deeds & Wills, 1664-72ii, p. 64). In his will, written 9 Dec 1701, Phillip Fisher, referred to as Gentleman and the elder, named a wife Elizabeth, 3 sons: John, Thomas and Phillip, 6 daughters: Mary Smith, Anne Gascoigne, Bridget Bradford, Tamer Hunt, Sarah Michael and Rebecca Fisher, and 2 grandsons: Thomas Smith and Harman Gascoigne. Son John received land called Thomas' Field on Joyners Branch. Son Thomas recieved remainder of Northampton land including the home plantation bounded by the land given son John and by "Nuswaddox" Creek. Son Philip received 300 acres at "Masongoes" Branch in Acc Co. The 3 sons received, after their mother's death, 400 acres of marsh and humocks at the mouth of Muddy Creek in Acc Co. Son Thomas received his mill, still, pistols, holsters, rapier and his cane. Daughters Mary Smith and Anne Gascoigne received during their lives a 150 acre island called "Burntwood Island" near the mouth of Muddy Creek in Acc Co, and then to their two sons Thomas Smith and Harman Gascoigne. Daughters Mary Smith, Bridget Bradford, Anne Gascoigne, Tamer Hunt and Rebecca Fisher got 20 shilling each. Daughter Rebecca received 2 mares at William Bradford's. Daughter Sarah Michael got 12 shillings. Wife Elizabeth was the residual legatee and executrix. Witnesses were Jacob Johnson, Alexander Bagwell, Peter Grice, Obedience Johnson and Richard Bayly Jr. In probate he was further identified as Capt. Phillip Fisher (N'hamp Co Orders, Wills, etc., p. 133).

Capt. Phillip Fisher (I) and Elizabeth Maddox had the following children:

child + 10 i. Mary5 Fisher was born circa 1661.

child + 11 ii. John Fisher (IV) was born circa 1662.

child + 12 iii. Thomas Fisher was born circa 1664.

child + 13 iv. Phillip Fisher (II) was born circa 1666.

child + 14 v. Anne Fisher was born circa 1670.

child + 15 vi. Bridget Fisher was born circa 1672.

child 16 vii. Tamer Fisher(45) was born, circa 1674. She married (-----) Hunt before 1701.(46) (-----) was born circa 1660.

Tamer was living 9 Dec 1701.(47)

child 17 viii. Rebecca Fisher(48) was born, circa 1676. Rebecca was living 9 Dec 1701.(49)

child 18 ix. Sarah Fisher(50) was born, circa 1678. She married John Michael before 1701.(51) John was born circa 1670. John(52) was the son of John Michael and Ann Tilney. John was living 14 Apr 1709.(53)

Sarah was living 9 Dec 1701.(54)

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