11. John5 Fisher (IV) (Capt. Phillip4, John3, John2, (-----)1)(80) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1662. John died 1720 in Northampton Co, VA, at 58 years of age.(81)

He married Elizabeth Benthall circa 1690.(82) Elizabeth was born circa 1660. Elizabeth(83) was the daughter of Joseph Benthall (I) and Mary (-----). Elizabeth was living 30 Apr 1720 in Northampton Co, VA.(84)

John was employed. John was living 9 Dec 1701 in Northampton Co, VA.(85) John's will was probated 18 May 1720 in Northampton Co, VA.(86) In his will, written 30 Apr 1720, John Fisher, planter, named 5 sons: Thomas, John, Daniel, Israil Banner and Benthall Fisher, and 4 daughers: Elizabeth James, Bridget, Abigall Fisher and Sarah Fisher. His daughter Elizabeth James got a negro woman Sue. Cattle were to remain on his plantation until his sons Israil Banner Fisher and Benthall Fisher were 18. His son Thomas was the executor. Witnesses were Obedience Johnson, Bartholomew Coasier and Thomas Marshall (N'hamp Co Deeds, Wills, etc., 1718-25, p. 89).

John Fisher (IV) and Elizabeth Benthall had the following children:

child + 25 i. Thomas6 Fisher was born circa 1692.

child 26 ii. Elizabeth Fisher(87) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1694. She married twice. She married (-----) James before 1720.(88) (-----) was born circa 1690. She married (-----) Floyd before 1724.(89) (-----) was born circa 1690.

Elizabeth was living 30 Apr 1720.(90)

child 27 iii. Bridget Fisher(91) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1696. She married John Melton before 1724.(92) John was born circa 1690. John was living 1724.(93)

Bridget was living 30 Apr 1720.(94)

child 28 iv. Abigall Fisher(95) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1698. She married (-----) Bradford before 1724.(96) (-----) was born circa 1690.

Abigall was living 30 Apr 1720.(97)

child 29 v. Sarah Fisher(98) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1700. She married William(?) Grice before 1724.(99) William(?) was born circa 1690. A William Grice witnesses the will of Thomas Fisher in 1723 (N'hamp Co Wills, Deeds, etc., p. 87). Thomas Fisher had a sister Sarah who married a Grice.

Sarah was living 30 Apr 1720.(100)

child 30 vi. John Fisher (V)(101) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1702. John died 1725 at 23 years of age.(102) John was living 30 Apr 1720.(103) John's will was probated 10 Feb 1724/5 in Northampton Co, VA.(104) In his undated will, probated 10 Feb 1724/5, John Fisher named 4 brothers: Thomas, Daniel, Israel and Benthall, and 3 sisters: Elizabeth Floyd and Abigail Bradford and Sarah Grice. He left them all one shilling. He left brother-in-law John Melter his mare that John Potter had. Brother-in-law John Meltier was the executor. Witnesses were John Lawrence and Edward Roberts (N'hamp Co Deeds, Wills, etc., p 220).

child + 31 vii. Daniel Fisher was born circa 1704.

child 32 viii. Israel Banner Fisher(105) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1706. Israel was living 30 Apr 1720.(106)

child 33 ix. Benthall Fisher(107) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1708. Benthall was living 30 Apr 1720.(108)

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