57. Maddox7 Fisher (II) (Maddox6, Thomas5, Capt. Phillip4, John3, John2, (-----)1)(249) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1710. Maddox died 1750 in Northampton Co, VA, at 40 years of age.(250)

He married Susannah Dolby circa 1730.(251) Susannah was born circa 1710. Susannah(252) was the daughter of John Dolby Sr.. Susannah was living 8 Jan 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(253) Tilney Michael was the security on the 1751 N'hamp Co M.L.B. of Thomas Knight and Susanna Fisher.

Maddox's will was probated 13 Mar 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(254) In his will, written 9 Jan 1749/50, Maddox Fisher named a wife Susanna; sons Thomas, Esmy and John; and a daughter Rose Fisher. He also mentioned a mother who was still living, but not by name. He left his wife a negro women Nanne and Rachel, his son Thomas a negro man Jacob and wench Hannah. If his son Thomas distrubs Thomas Marshall from a parcel of marsh and hammocks sold him in Accomack then my son Thomas to forfeit his above legacy. To his son Thomas gun, sword and pistols. To son Esmy negro boy Gabe and girl Hannah. To son John negro girls Adah and Dilla. To my daughter Rose Fisher negro man Isaac and girl Sarah. Residurary legatees wife and four children. Wife named executrix. Isaac Smith not to be disturbed of the 60 acres of land rented to him for 10 years, but if my mother should die within the 10 years, Isaac to have the 60 acres at the head of my land. Friends Jonathan Tilney and Thomas Dolby to act as trustees. Witnesses Thomas Marshall, Thomas John Marshall and Thomas Knight (N'hamp Co Wills & Inventories, 1740-50, p. 440).

Maddox Fisher (II) and Susannah Dolby had the following children:

child 79 i. Thomas8 Fisher(255) was born in Northampton Co, VA, after 1732/3.(256) Thomas died in Isle of Wright Co, VA.(257) He married Sarah Smith(?) 1 Aug 1754 in Northampton Co, VA.(258) Sarah was born circa 1735. Sarah(259) was the daughter of William Smith.

Thomas was living 8 Jan 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(260) William Major was the security on the 1754 N'hamp Co M.L.B. of Thomas Fisher and Sarah Turner, widow of George Turner. Thomas and Susanna Knight gave consent for her son Thomas. Littleton Savage, Thomas Dunn and Peggy Major were witnesses. When Thomas Fisher secured an Act, 1769, to break the entail on 405 acres it was stated the land had descended to him from his father Maddox Fisher, grandfather John Fisher and great-grandfather Philip Fisher. Whitelaw, p. 460, makes it clear this land was the inheritance of Philip's son Thomas, and not his son John. The Thomas Fisher who broke the entail obviously erred regarding the name of his grandfater. The available records and the laws governing the inheritance of entailed land further require the conclusion that there were two generations, not one, between Thomas Fisher (s/o Philip) and the Thomas who broke the entail and that Maddox Fisher (father of the latter Thomas), who married Susanna Dolby and left will, 8 Jan 1749/50-13 Mar 1749/50 (N'hamp Co Wills & Inventories, 1740-50, p. 440), was son of Maddox Fisher (wife Sarah) (Adventurers of Purse and Person, p. 282).

child 80 ii. Esme Fisher(261) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1734. Esme died 1780 in Northampton Co, VA, at 46 years of age.(262) He married Margaret (-----) 16 Apr 1765 in Northampton Co, VA.(263) Margaret was born circa 1725. Margaret was living 14 Nov 1780 in Northampton Co, VA.(264)

Esme was living 8 Jan 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(265) Thomas Fisher Jr. was the security on the 1765 N'hamp Co marriage of Esme Fisher to Margaret Roberts, widow of Francis Roberts. On 14 Nov 1780, Esme Fisher's estate was administered to Margaret Fisher. The appraisers were William White, James Sandefert, Isaac Johnson and William Christian (N'hamp Co Minutes, 1777-83, p. 287). Margaret is assumed to be his wife.

child 81 iii. John Fisher(266) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1736. John was living 8 Jan 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(267)

child 82 iv. Rose Fisher(268) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1738. She married George Dashiell 12 Aug 1760 in Northampton Co, VA.(269) George was born circa 1735.

Rose was living 8 Jan 1749/0 in Northampton Co, VA.(270) John Dolby was the security on the 1760 N'hamp Co M.L.B. of George Dashiell and Rose Fisher, daughter of Maddox Fisher, deceased.

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