Seventh Generation

55. Thomas7 Fisher Sr. (Thomas6, John5, Capt. Phillip4, John3, John2, (-----)1)(226) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1723. Thomas died 1772 in Northampton Co, VA, at 49 years of age.(227)

He married Mary 'Polly' Bell circa 1742.(228) Mary was born circa 1720. Mary(229) was the daughter of Thomas Bell. Mary died 1785 in Northampton Co, VA, at 65 years of age.(230) Mary was living 29 May 1778 in Northampton Co, VA.(231) Mary's will was probated 9 Aug 1785 in Northampton Co, VA.(232) In her will, written 12 Apr 1785, Polly Fisher named sons Caleb, George and William. She left Caleb a bed, old rug, 6 sitting chairs and 4 hogs. To son George a negro girl Lucy, 6 silver table spoons marked "EF," silver milk pot, silver sugar tongs, horse "Buck" and square walnut table. To son William Fisher a negro man Jack, 6 silver table spoons, gold ring marked "TF" and black horse called "Jack." Sons George and William residual legatees and executors. Witnesses William Dixon and William Abdell (N'hamp Co Wills, etc., 1783-88, p. 291).

Thomas was living 25 Oct 1760 in Northampton Co, VA.(233) Thomas's will was probated 11 Feb 1772 in Northampton Co, VA.(234) Thomas Fisher Sr. was named the executor to his mother Sarah's estate in her will, written 25 Oct 1760 (N'hamp Co Wills, 1763-65, p. 150). In his will, written 11 Jan 1771, Thomas Fisher Sr. named a wife Mary; sons Thomas, Caleb, John, George and William. He left his wife negros Daniel, Leah, Elizabeth and Jack and gold sleeve bottons. To son Thomas negros Jacob, Toby and Lucretia; a still and worm and still tub and land on Hog Island. To son Caleb the 250 acre plantation in Accomack bought from Col. James Rule's heirs, negro boys Isaac and William and woman Sarah and gold sleeve buttons. To son John negro woman Rachel and Jeane, boy James, L200 and gold sleeve bottons marked "S:E." To son George negro girls Nanny and Grace, boy Jacob, gold sleeve bottons marked "S:E," 28 gallon copper kettle and L250. To son William negro boys Abel and Stepney, girl Adah, child Amey, gold sleeve bottons and L250. Custody and tution of son William to William Ronald until 21. The land leased from my kinsman Thomas Fisher Jr. to be sold. Residual Legatees wife and four sons Caleb, John, George and William. Wife, son Thomas and friend William Ronald executors. Witnesses John Thomas, Josiah Heath, Robert Rodgers, Hezekiah Abdeel, and William Ronald. A Codicil dated 19 Jan 1772 left son John 250 acres on Mushmilon Creek in County of Sussix. Sons George and William each 1/2 of 592 acres last bought in Sussix and 40 acres of marsh on Cedar Creek. In order of Probate, Thomas Fisher Jr., the named executor, was heir at law (N'hamp Co Wills & Inventories, 1766-1772, p. 440).

Thomas Fisher Sr. and Mary 'Polly' Bell had the following children:

child + 73 i. Thomas8 Fisher Jr. was born circa 1742.

child 74 ii. Severn Fisher(235) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1743. Severn died before 1772.(236) Severn was living 25 Oct 1760 in Northampton Co, VA.(237)

child 75 iii. Caleb Fisher (I)(238) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1744. Caleb died before 1832.(239) He married twice. He married Elizabeth Downing 6 Sep 1774 in Northampton Co, VA.(240) Elizabeth was born circa 1750. Elizabeth(241) was the daughter of Zorobable Downing. He married Elizabeth West 2 Oct 1793 in Northampton Co, VA.(242) Elizabeth was born circa 1760.

Caleb was living 12 Apr 1785 in Northampton Co, VA.(243) William Downing was the security on the 1774 N'hamp Co marriage of Caleb Fisher and Elizabeth Downing, daughter of Zerobable. Elijah Baker was the security on the 1793 N'hamp Co marriage of Caleb Fisher and Elizabeth West. They were married by E. Baker.

child 76 iv. Ensign John Fisher(244) was born in Northampton Co, VA, circa 1746. John died 1785 in Northampton Co, VA, at 39 years of age.(245) John was living 11 Jan 1771 in Northampton Co, VA.(246) John was a member of the armed forces serving in the Revolution.(247) The estate of John Fisher was administered to (his brother) George Fisher on 9 Nov 1785. Appraisers were John Tompkins, John Stringer, Isaac Avery and John Carpenter (N'hamp Co Orders, 1783-87, p. 362). On 13 Feb 1832 on the motion of Miers W. Fisher ... John Fisher an ensign during the Rev. War died without issue leaving two brothers his only heirs at law, to wit: George Fisher and William Fisher. The said George & William Fisher, brothers of John, are both dead & George left the following heirs: John R., Caleb, Ann, Miers W. and Edwin J. Fisher; John R. Fisher is living, Caleb Fisher is dead leaving Margaret Susan his only heiress, Ann married David Ewing and is now his widow and Miers W. & Edwin J. Fisher are living. William Fisher died leaving Samuel P., Sally, Thomas, William and Polly his only hiers at law - Samuel P. is living; Sally married Charles Nelson and is now his widow; Thomas is living; William Jr. is dead leaving William, son of William Jr., Margaret Sarah and Mary his only heirs at law; Polly married Richard Nottingham and both are dead living William J. Nottingham the only heir at law of the said Polly (N'hamp Co Orders, 1831-36, p. 53). On 15 Mar 1832 the following additional information was recorded - James Fisher, who was not mentioned in a certificate of the Court made at the last term, another son and heir of Geroge Fisher died in Baltimore, leaving a will. William Fisher (brother of Ensign John) died leaving a will, and Sally Fisher his widow and one of his legatees is dead leaving a will; William Fisher the son and one of the heirs of the said William Fisher is dead leaving a will and Polly Nottingham (formerly Polly Fisher) the daughter of William the brother of of John, died intestate (N'hamp Co Orders, 1831-36, p. 71). On 12 Mar 1833 it was ordered that - John R. Fisher, guardian of Margaret Susan Fisher; Samuel P. Fisher, guardian of William J. Nottingham and Anne W. Ewing (formerly Anne Hopkins) guardian of Susan Hopkins, or their authorized attorney, have leave to sell and assign the land bounty script to which the said Margaret Susan Fisher, William J. Nottingham and Susan Hopkins are entitled as infant heirs fo John Fisher deceased who was an Ensign in the Army of the Revolution of the Virginia Line on continental establishment (N'hamp Co Orders, 1831-36, p. 179). On 11 Nov 1851 it was ordered that - John Fisher, who was an Ensign in the Rev. War died intestate leaving George and William Fisher his only heirs at law ... (much of the earlier information was repeated, but new information included) James Fisher gave his property to Susan Hopkins, who has since died intestate leaving her mother Ann W. Ewing her only heir at law. William R. Fisher died intestate leaving William R. Fisher, Margaret Fisher (now wife of John T. Johnson), Mary W. Fisher (wife of Littleton L. Read) his only heirs at law. Samuel P. Fisher is dead leaving a will by which he gave his estate to his wife Susan B. Fisher and his sons Charles F.M. Fisher and Samuel P. Fisher, who are his only legatees. Sally Nelson died intestate, leaving Cincinatus Brickhouse her only heir at law (N'hamp Co Orders, 1851-57, p. 14). On 10 Mar 1856 it was ordered that - Miers W. Fisher is guardian of Juliet A. Fisher, who is a minor, and Nath'l. Robert Carey has married Susan Fisher; the said Juliet A. and Susan are devisees of Ann W. Ewing, dec'd, who was heir at law of Susan Hopkins, dec'd, who was a devisee of James Fisher, dec'd, who was one of the legatees and devisees of George Fisher, dec'd, who was one of the heirs at law of John Fisher who was an Ensign in the Rev. War (N'hamp Co Orders, 1851-57, p. 452). This Juliet A. Fisher and Susan Fisher were probably nieces of Ann W. Ewing, but since Ann had several other brothers in addition to Miers W. Fisher, it is not clear as to who their father was, either John R. or Edwin Fisher.

child + 77 v. George Fisher was born circa 1748.

child + 78 vi. William F. Fisher (Sr.) was born after 1749/0.(248)

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