44. Nathaniel6 Bradford (I) (Bridget5 Fisher, Capt. Phillip4, John3, John2, (-----)1)(200) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1690. Nathaniel died 1744 in Accomack Co, VA, at 54 years of age.(201)

He married Elizabeth Parker after 1707/8.(202) Elizabeth was born circa 1686 in Accomack Co, VA. Elizabeth(203) was the daughter of George Parker Sr. and Mary (-----) #3. Elizabeth died May 1763 at 76 years of age.(204) Elizabeth was living 1708 in Accomack Co, VA.(205) Elizabeth's will was probated 31 May 1763 in Accomack Co, VA.(206) In her will, written 2 May 1763, Elizabeth Bradford named a son Nathaniel Bradford; daughters Naomi, Jemima and Keziah; and grandchildren Sarah Bradford daughter of Nathaniel, and Jemima and Violetta Addison, daughters of Jemima Addison. To Violetta Addison all my estate which is in her father's and mother's custody. To son Nathaniel Bradford's 3 children 10L each. To his daughter Sarah. To daughter Naomi. Clothing to be divided between my 3 daughters. Household goods to be divided between daughters Jemima and 2 grandchildren Jemima and Violetta. To Williamm "Bagge" 40L cash. Daughters Jemima and Naomi residual legatees. William "Bagge" executor. Duaghter Keziah. Witnesses were John Thomson and Elizabeth Jones (Acc Co Wills, 1761-67, p. 190).

Nathaniel was living 4 Jul 1735 in Accomack Co, VA.(207) On 28 Feb 1743/4, Nathaniel Bradford's estate was administered to his widow Elizabeth Bradford, with George Parker and Robert Carruthers securities (Acc Co Orders, 1737-44, p. 551).

Nathaniel Bradford (I) and Elizabeth Parker had the following children:

child + 62 i. Nathaniel7 Bradford (II) was born circa 1710.

child 63 ii. Naomi Bradford(208) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1712. Naomi was living 2 May 1763 in Accomack Co, VA.(209)

child + 64 iii. Jemima Bradford was born circa 1714.

child 65 iv. Keziah Bradford(210) was born in Accomack Co, VA, circa 1716. Keziah was living 2 May 1763 in Accomack Co, VA.(211)

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