8. Isaac4 Marshall (Sr.) (John3, Thomas2, John1) was born in Northampton Co., VA about 1685. Isaac died 1751 in Worcester Co., MD, at 66 years of age. (Annapolis Record 27 533)

He married Sarah Peale. Sarah was the daughter of Thomas Peale.

He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, January 30, 1751. Isaac's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, March 8, 1751. Isaac sold his lands in Northampton County to his cousin's husband, William Stakes, in 1723 and moved to Worchester Co MD. Isaac was in Worcester by 1724, when he appears as an appraiser for the estate of Jane Persons (Worcester JWB15, p. 154) Isaac held the following properties in Worcester: 100 acres "Shirley's Venture" purchased in 1738, 200 acres "Deel/Deal" purchased in 1738, 250 acres "St. Laurence Neck" quit claimed in 1745, and "Marshall's Addition" patented in 1748.

Isaac left to wife, Sarah, use of land and servants during her life, livestock and use of the new apartment of "my dwelling place." To sons John and Isaac he left "Deel", "Saint Lawrence's", and "Marshall's Addition" and outlined the division of the land. To son, John, "my tobacco screw, but his mother to have it for her own occasion in prising her own tobacco." He left daughter, Sarah, twenty-five pistols; to daughter Elizabeth a servant named Rose, but in case Rose dies of illness which she now has, 30 pounds Maryland currency; to daughter Leah. To wife, Sarah and children John, Isaac, Rachel, Elizabeth and Leah to divide all money after debts have been paid; to wife and children Sophia Evans, Sarah Marshall, John Marshall, Tabitha Nottingham, Rachel, Elizabeth, Isaac and Leah to divide all remaining household goods. Witnesses: Ephriam Heather, Richard Blizzard and Major Hudson. (Suzanne B. Hurley, Research of Langmaid Farm, Newark District, Worcester Co., MD, 1998, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum)

In December of 1742, Isaac was appointed with Isaac Morris, Cpt. William Lane, Thomas Hayward, Cpt. John Scott, Alexander Buncle and William Selby as commissioner to survey and lay out the 100 acres for Snow Hill town. (Paul B. Touart, Along the Seaboard Side, Worcester County, MD, 1994, p. 33)

What was probably the residence of Isaac Marshall "sits on a ridge of land overlooking Newport Bay." Parts of parcels from "St. Lawrence Neck," "Deel," and "Marshalls Addition" comprised a plantation of over 500 acres along Marshalls Creek. A photograph of the home (which was standing in 1998) built about 1740 is shown in Paul Touart's "Along the Seaboard Side." This property remained in the Marshall family, until it was transferred to George W. Purnell (who married a great granddaughter of Isaac Marshall) in 1817. It has been known as "Langmaid Farm" for the family who owned it for much of the 20th century. (Paul B. Touart, Along the Seaboard Side, Worcester County, MD, 1994, p. 249; Suzanne B. Hurley research on "Langmaid Farm" 1998)

Isaac Marshall(Sr.) and Sarah Peale had the following children:

child 19 i. Isaac5 Marshall (Jr.). Isaac died 1761 in Worcester Co., MD. He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, March 29, 1761. Isaac's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, July 10, 1761. Isaac left to his nephew, Isaac, son of John Marshall, his plantation comprised of land called "Deal" and "St. Laurence", personalty and livestock. Isaac named his brother, John, as executor. Witnesses: Morris Smith, Moses Pettit and Elizabeth Marshall. (Suzanne B. Hurley, Research of Langmaid Farm, 1998)

child 20 ii. Sophia Marshall. Sophia died about 1754. She married Ebenezer Evans.

child + 21 iii. Sarah Marshall.

child 22 iv. Rachel Marshall. She married Matthew Outten. Matthew was the son of Abraham Outten and Rhonda Peale. Matthew died 1773 in Somerset Co., MD.

child + 23 v. Elizabeth Marshall.

child 24 vi. Levin Marshall. Levin died before 1751. He married Margaret(wife of Levin Marshall).

child + 25 vii. Leah A. Marshall.

child + 26 viii. Tabitha Marshall.

child + 27 ix. John Marshall.

child 28 x. Ronna Marshall. She is named as one of his eight living children (Levin is deceased) in his will; however, she is not named with a specific item for distribution and she is not shown in the administration account submitted December 11, 1756.

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