1096. John Ricketts9 Dunton (William8, Rickards7, Elizabeth 'Betty'6 Rogers, Nathaniel Comfort5, Mary4 Marshall, Thomas3, Thomas2, John1) was born December 8, 1806. John died September 26, 1865 at 58 years of age.

He married Emeline "Emma" Dunton in Northampton Co., VA, December 9, 1831. Emeline was born July 11, 1815. Emeline was the daughter of George Dunton and Margaret Richardson. Emeline died November 20, 1885 at 70 years of age. John and Emma are buried at the Dunton plot, Northampton Co., VA. (Bill Burton)

John Ricketts Dunton and Emeline "Emma" Dunton had the following children:

child 1588 i. Thomas R.10 Dunton was born September 29, 1832. Thomas died November 15, 1872 at 40 years of age. He married Caroline B. Ward in Northampton Co., VA, February 9, 1859. Caroline was born January 22, 1834. Caroline was the daughter of Albert D. Ward and Lettitia "Letty" R. Badger. Caroline died September 12, 1867 at 33 years of age. (Bill Burton; Bill Wilkins)

child 1589 ii. Robert Dunton was born 1834.

child 1590 iii. Koskinsko Dunton was born in Northampton Co., VA April 27, 1840. Koskinsko died September 21, 1906 at 66 years of age. His body was interred in Accomack Co., VA, St. Georges. (Mihalyka & Wilson, Graven Stones, Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1992, p. 82) He married twice.

He married Adline M. Sturgis in Northampton Co., VA, April 24, 1873. Adline was born in Northampton Co., VA October 9, 1838. Adline was the daughter of James Sturgis and Vianna L. Wescoat. Adline died May 26, 1879. He married Mary "Mamie" G. Kellam. Mary was born 1860. Mary died 1930 at 70 years of age. (Bill Burton, Bill Wilkins)

child 1591 iv. Margaret "Maggie" Susan Dunton was born January 10, 1844. Margaret died November 7, 1933 at 89 years of age. She married Levin Smith James(Jr.) in Accomack Co., VA, May 21, 1863. Levin was born April 9, 1839. Levin was the son of Levin Smith James and Elizabeth Bird. Levin died September 24, 1916 in Accomack Co., VA, at 77 years of age. (marriage and descendants - Bill Wilkins) (Bill Burton; Bill Wilkins)

child + 1592 v. Patrick Henry Dunton was born September 24, 1846.

child 1593 vi. George W. Dunton was born in Northampton Co., VA May, 1848.

child 1594 vii. John P. Dunton was born in Northampton Co., VA April 7, 1849. John died August 21, 1905 in Northampton Co., VA, at 56 years of age. He married Mary J. Johnson in Northampton Co., VA, November 19, 1901. Mary was born February 26, 1865. Mary was the daughter of Lawrence T. Johnson and Ann Elizabeth "Celzes" Dowty-Doughty. Mary died October 3, 1918 at 53 years of age.

child 1595 viii. Caroline "Carrie" V. Dunton was born July 26, 1854. Caroline died February 5, 1922 at 67 years of age. Her body was interred in Northampton Co., VA, Dunton Plot. She married James Andrew Dowty-Doughty in Northampton Co., VA, October 6, 1880. James was born January 23, 1855. James was the son of James Prettyman Dowty-Doughty and Sarah A. Dunton. James died December 11, 1921 at 66 years of age. (Graven Stone) (Bill Wilkins)

child 1596 ix. Lafayett H. Dunton was born July 13, 1857. Lafayett died October, 1865 at 8 years of age.

child 1597 x. Thomas Ward Dunton was born August 15, 1870.

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