918. John Ivan9 Mapp (Alfred Nathaniel Hancock8, Cassandra "Cassey"7 James, Thomas6, Sarah5 Marshall, Thomas4, John3, Thomas2, John1) was born January 16, 1863. John died February 29, 1929 at 66 years of age.

He married Maria "Maggie" Tom Dowty-Doughty November 21, 1891. Maria was born January 6, 1867. Maria was the daughter of John Andrew Dowty-Doughty and Emily Wilkins. Maria died February 28, 1951 at 84 years of age. John and Maggie are buried at Belle Haven. (Bill Burton, Tony Ashdon, Bill Wilkins)

John Ivan Mapp and Maria "Maggie" Tom Dowty-Doughty had the following children:

child 1364 i. Mary Wilkins10 Mapp.

child 1365 ii. Mae Louise Mapp. She married Thomas Johnson. (Bill Burton, Tony Ashdon)

child 1366 iii. Elizabeth Susan Mapp.

child 1367 iv. Ivan Doughty Mapp was born in Northampton Co., VA 1893. He married Jennie Benton Savage in Northampton Co., VA, September 6, 1916. Jennie was born in Northampton Co., VA 1891. Jennie was the daughter of James B. Savage and Annie M.(wife of James Savage). (Tony Ashdon)

child 1368 v. Elizabeth S. Mapp was born November 11, 1895.

child 1369 vi. Ernest "Buzz" Lynwood Mapp was born July 22, 1898. Ernest died March 31, 1980 at 81 years of age. He married Sally "Sallie" Hendren Bell. Sally was born in Nassawadox, Northampton Co., VA November 7, 1899. Sally was the daughter of James Bailey Bell and Maria "Ridie" J. Nottingham. Sally died Septemer 26, 1993 in Onancock, Accomack Co., VA, at 93 years of age. (Bill Burton, Tony Ashdon)

child 1370 vii. Reginald Moss Mapp was born in Belle Haven, Accomack Co., VA 1908. Reginald died May 14, 1996 in Greensboro, NC, at 87 years of age. (Tony Ashdon, Bill Burton)

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