11. Thomas3 Purnell (III) (Thomas2, Thomas1) was born in Somerset Co., MD September 9, 1695. (Bible Records from Family Bible at Lewes, DE, Leslie Dryden Collection, Nabb Center; tombstone at "Fairfield") Thomas died August 7, 1769 in Worcester Co., MD. (Bible Records, Leslie Dryden Collection, Nabb Center)

He married Mary Outten after 1721. Mary was born September, 1702. Mary was the daughter of John Outten(Sr.) and Mary Gray. Mary died June 27, 1772 in Worcester Co., MD. Will dated June 21, 1772, probate August 7, 1772. She named grandchildren: Peter Marsh, Mary Noll, Thomas Marsh, John Marsh, Purnell Wright, John Fisher, Nancy Fisher, Zipporah Rackliffe, Charles Rackliffe, John Rackliffe, James Rackliffe, John Purnell, Zadock Wright, Phillip Marsh, Mary Purnell, Polly Atkinson, Nancy Atkinson, Sally Atkinson, Charlotte Atkinson, Hezekiah Wright, Polly Wright, Elizabeth Purnell, Zadock Purnell, Esther Purnell, Sarah Purnell and Thomas Purnell and her son, Thomas Purnell, daughters Elizabeth Fisher, Polly Rackliffe, Comfort Purnell and son-in-law Thomas Purnell executor. Witnesses: Jabez Fisher, Abraham Sturgis and John Purnell Robins (1769-1783 80, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum) On September 2, 1739, Thomas Purnell and wife Mary, relict of Daniel Selby, gave 500 acres of Mt. Ephraim to son John Purnell. Mary named her son, Thomas, and grandchildren: Peter Marsh, Mary Moll, Thomas Marsh, John Marsh, Phillip Marsh, Purnell, Hezekiah, Polly and Zadock Wright, John and Nancy Fisher, Zeporah, Charles, John, James and Polly Rackliff, Mary Purnell, Elizabeth Zadock, Esther, Sarah and Thomas Purnell, John Purnell, Polly, Nancy, Sally and Charlotte Atkinson.

He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, June 4, 1768. (Sharon A. Jones, JW3 f.198-200)

Thomas's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, September 15, 1769. Thomas received "Fern Hill," "Fairfield," "Chance" and "Spalding" from his father. "Three brown sandstone grave markers decorated with distinctive New England-style carving are found at "Fairfield." The stones mark the graves of Thomas Purnell, Sr. 1695-1769, Mary Purnell, Thomas's wife 1702-1772 and their daughter, Ann 1734-1751. The headstones are made of chocolate brown sandstone which were carved in New England and then shipped to Worcester County, probably on one of the Purnell family ships." (Paul B. Touart, Along the Seaboard Side, Worcester County, MD, 1994, p. 249)

It is thought that the house at "Watermelon Point" was built under Thomas' ownership about 1760. He left this property to his wife and then his daughter, Comfort, calling it "land and plantation where I now live." "Watermelon Point Farm" stood along Tan House Creek facing Chincoteague Bay on land that had been part of the large tract called Mt. Ephraim. (Paul B. Touart, Along the Seaboard Side, Worcester County, MD, 1994, p. 247)

Thomas Purnell(III) and Mary Outten had the following children:

child + 42 i. Daughter4 Purnell.

child 43 ii. ?Daughter Purnell. She married John Smith. It would appear that a Purnell daughter married John Smith d. 1768. Smith named his sons Fletcher (Purnell Fletcher Smith), John and Abraham and his daughter, Rebecca Porter. John Smith had land at "Timber Grove/Edward's Lot."

A Sarah Smith left a will in 1785 naming her son Purnell Smith. It doesn't make sense that Thomas Purnell would have had two daughters named Sarah, so the Purnell-Smith connection may be in another place; however, it would most probably be in this generation and with Purnells owning land in this vicinity.

Rebecca Smith apparently married James Porter d. 1772, blacksmith. James and Rebecca Porter sold 100 acres of "Timber Grove" to Thomas Purnell of Thomas. Among other children, James and Rebecca Porter had a son, Purnell Smith Porter who married Zeporah Brittingham d/o Belithia and who was in possession of "Pointers Gift to Purnell" and 100 acres of "Porters Double Purchase/Edward's Lott" on the 1783 tax list.

"Pointers Gift to Purnell" was patented in 1755 by John Purnell of Thomas, as a resurvey of "Edward's Lott."

child 44 iii. Thomas Purnell was born in Worcester Co., MD January 2, 1722. (Bible record) Thomas died May 19, 1727 in Worcester Co., MD.

child + 45 iv. John Purnell was born March 31, 1725.

child + 46 v. Esther Purnell was born August 21, 1728.

child + 47 vi. Elizabeth Purnell was born March 20, 1730.

child + 48 vii. Mary "Polly" Purnell was born February 27, 1732.

child 49 viii. Ann Purnell was born in Worcester Co., MD June 11, 1735. Ann died October, 1751 in Worcester Co., MD. Ann was buried at "Fairfield" and her headstone records the dates. (Paul B. Touart, Along the Seaboard Side, Worcester County, MD, 1994, p. 249)

child + 50 ix. Comfort Purnell was born December 8, 1737.

child 51 x. Sarah Purnell was born in Somerset Co., MD April 7, 1741. (Bible record) Sarah died February 16, 1768 in Worcester Co., MD.

child + 52 xi. Thomas Purnell(IV) (Col.) was born February 28, 1745.

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