84. Mary "Polly"4 Purnell (Walton3, Thomas2, Thomas1) birth date unknown. Mary died 1828 in Worcester Co., MD.

She married John Pope Mitchell in Worcester Co., MD, May 5, 1773. (Robert Barnes, Maryland Marriages) John was the son of Joshua Mitchell(Col.).

John died 1810 in Worcester Co., MD. He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, July 18, 1806. (Ruth T. Dryden, Worcester Co. MD Wills MH f.202, p.16)

John's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, April 2, 1810. He was called John Pope Mitchell in his father's will and on the marriage license.

She made a will in Worcester Co., MD, July 12, 1826. (Ruth Dryden, Worcester Wills MH f.321, p.26)

Mary's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, May 7, 1828. Mary's mother called her Polly Mitchell and a John Mitchell was a witness to that 1810 will. Her brother, Stephen, named John and Mary Mitchell in 1835. Polly named her sons Isaac and John as her executors. She named her grandson Lemuel, son of Isaac, and her daughter Polly Mitchell, giving her a table that had belonged to her uncle, Benjamin.

Mary "Polly" Purnell and John Pope Mitchell had the following children:

child + 275 i. Isaac5 Mitchell.

child 276 ii. John Mitchell(Jr.).

child 277 iii. Mary "Polly" Mitchell.

child 278 iv. Eloisa Gatty Purnell Mitchell. She was named by her father but not her mother. Her father left her a tract called "Cumberport" at Mitchells Bridge.

child 279 v. Rufus Mitchell. He married Elizabeth Downs. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob Downs. Her father called her wife of Rufus Mitchell in his 1848 will. He was named by his father but not his mother. His father left him "Aydelots Beaver Dam" and land purchased from George Truitt adjacent. He was under age 21 in 1806.

child 280 vi. Robert Mitchell. Robert was named by his father and named executor, along with his mother, to his father's estate. He received land at St. Martin's Landing. He was not named in his mother's will.

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