253. Ann Nancy5 Purnell (Lemuel4, Elisha3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born in Worcester Co., MD March 19, 1762. (Matthew Wise, The Littleton Heritage, p. 422) Ann died January 15, 1818 in Worcester Co., MD. (Melanie Ayres Merryweather, Genealogy of the Purnell Family) Her body was interred in Public Landing, Worcester Co. MD, Abandoned Family Cemetery.

She married twice. She married Henry Dennis 1780. Henry was born September 12, 1757. Henry was the son of Littleton Dennis(Sr.) and Susanna Upshur. Henry died 1785. James sailed for the West Indies on February 11, 1785 and was never heard from. (Pauline Batchelder, A Somerset Sampler)

She married George Spence after 1785. George was the son of Adam Spence and Mary Irving. George died before October 28, 1800 in Worcester Co., MD. Nancy was the second wife of George Spence. Matt Wise indicates they had seven children, including Ara and Irving. (Matthew Wise, The Littleton Heritage)

Ann Nancy Purnell and George Spence had the following children:

child + 571 i. Lemuel Purnell6 Spence was born February 1, 1786.

child + 572 ii. John Selby Spence (Dr.) (Senator) was born February 29, 1788.

child 573 iii. Ara Spence(Judge) was born in Worcester Co., MD February 26, 1793. Ara died May 27, 1866 in Worcester Co., MD. He married twice. He married Anna Maria Robins in Worcester Co., MD, September 30, 1818. Anna was born in Worcester Co., MD October 29, 1798. Anna was the daughter of James Bowdoin Robins(Judge) and Elizabeth Horsey. Anna died August 6, 1827 in Worcester Co., MD. In his 1826 will, her father left Anna Maria, wife of Ara Spence, Esq., an interest in "Scarborough Castle." (Leslie P. Dryden, Dryden Family & Descendants, Alamo, TX, 1999)

He married Priscilla Wilson in Worcester Co., MD, February 20, 1833. Priscilla was born in Worcester Co., MD April 3, 1813. Priscilla was the daughter of Ephraim King Wilson and Ann Gunby. Priscilla died October 17, 1837 in Worcester Co., MD. He was a lawyer and served in the State Legislature. In 1826 he became an associate justice for the 4th Judicial District and later served as Chief Justice of the District. He is buried at the Presbyterian cemetery, Snow Hill. (Leslie P. Dryden, Dryden Family & Descendants, Alamo, TX, 1999, p. 52)

child + 574 iv. Irving Spence was born November 19, 1799.

Ann Nancy Purnell and Henry Dennis had the following child:

child 575 v. Littleton Purnell Dennis was born in Beverly, Worcester Co., MD July 21, 1796. Littleton died April 14, 1834 in Washington, DC. His body was interred in Washington, DC, Congressional Cemetery. (Melanie Ayres Merryweather, Genealogy of the Purnell Family, p.31)

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