90. Frances5 Yeardley (Sarah4 Michael, Elizabeth3 Thorowgood, Adam2, William1) birth date unknown. Frances died before 1704.

She married John West ("The Younger"). John was the son of John West(Lt. Col.) and Matilda Scarburgh. John died 1719 in Northampton Co., VA. He made a will in Northampton Co., VA, February 6, 1718. Probate September 16, 1719. (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations Northampton Co., VA, p. 225) He owned 500 acres in Accomack Co., VA. Purse & Person shows his children by Frances Yeardley: Anthony, Argoll, Joseph and Matilda; and by Josepha Maria Godwin: John, Thorowgood, Charles, Sarah, Anne and Jemima.

NOTE: Son, Charles, was the only child shown under age in 1718. Naming children Thorowgood and Sarah seem to fit if their mother was Frances Yeardley. For purposes of this journal and to identify all of John West's children, they are all shown with Frances Yeardley has their mother.

Frances Yeardley and John West("The Younger") had the following children:

child 223 i. Anthony6 West. Anthony died before 1719 in Northampton Co., VA. He was named in his grandfather's will. (Purse & Person, p. 667)

child + 224 ii. Argoll Yardley West.

child 225 iii. Joseph West.

child 226 iv. Matilda West.

child + 227 v. Sarah West.

child 228 vi. Thorowgood West. Thorowgood died before 1756. His father left him two plantations in Accomack Co., VA in 1719. He was not named in his brother, Charles', will of 1756. (given name from great grandmother's maiden name?)

child 229 vii. Charles West(Mjr.). Charles died February 28, 1757 in Accomack Co., VA. (tombstone-Ralph T. Whitelaw, Virginia's Eastern Shore, p. 921) He married Elizabeth(wife of Charles West).

He made a will in Accomack Co., VA, July 10, 1756. Probate March 30, 1757. (Stratton Nottingham, Wills & Administrations of Accomack Co., VA, p. 188) Under 19 in 1718. Charles named his nephews Isaac, Thorowgood and John Smith, sons of his sister, Sarah. He named his sister Ann Chambers and her two daughters by Thomas Clapton, "Jamimy" Booth, Jonathan West and Charles West, son of Jonathan. Purse & Person shows his wife was Elizabeth (p. 667).

child 230 viii. Ann West. She married twice. She married Thomas Clapton. She married Unknown Chambers. (Purse & Person, p. 667)

child + 231 ix. Jemimah West.

child + 232 x. John West was born 1672.

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