836. Thomas8 Woodard (Sr.) (John7, John6, Mary5 Martin, Joel4, Ann3 Keeling, Ann2 (Thorowgood), William1 Thorowgood) was born in Isle of Wight Co., VA about 1718. Thomas died 1791 in Nash Co., NC, at 73 years of age. Will dated December 27, 1790, inventory presented August 9, 1791 (Nash Co. Record Unrecorded Wills)

He married Lydia Langston about 1740. Lydia was the daughter of Leonard Langston(Sr.) and Martha(wife of Leonard Langston). It is not proved that Lydia was the daughter of Leonard and she was not named in his will. If she is not Leonard's daughter, she is related to this family and may be his niece. She, like Leonard Sr. and Jr. named a son, Luke. In Faint Trails, Terry Woodward reports that the first recorded purchase of land in Edgecomb Co. NC by anyone named Woodard/Woodard was on August 15, 1739 when Thomas Woodward of Nansemond VA bought 275A for 11lbs sterling. On July 9, 1754, William Moore sold Thomas Woodward 100A for 10lbs sterling. On October 31, 1765, Thomas sold to John Woodward two tracts of land, one of which was the earlier purchase from William Moore. This land would now be Halifax Co.

On August 15, 1739 Jacob Pope of Edgecomb sold Thomas Woodward of Nansemond Co. for 14 lbs a tract of 275A on Cypress Pocoson (from a patent dated June 12, 1730); witnessed by Robert Coleman and John Sykes (Halifax Co. DB1, p. 287; Edgecomb Co Deeds 1732-1741, p. 287)

In 1751 he received a deed from Nathaniel Hawthorn in Johnston Co. (Johnston Co. DB2, 1750-1754, p. 170). August 5, 1752 William Lassiter of Edgecomb Co. sold Thomas Woodard, planter of Edgecomb, for 10lbs current Virginia money 225A north of Tar River adjoining said Woodard, witnessed by Jacob Loockerman and Henry Wyate (Halifax Co. DB4, p. 350). July 9, 1754, William Moore sold Thomas Woodard of Edgecomb Co. for 10lbs current Virginia money 100A north of Tar River on Spring branch at the mouth of Stoney Branch, witnessed by William Strickland and Edward Moore (DB2, p. 67)

November 9, 1756 he patented 419A south of Contentnea Creek, Dobbs Co., NC (now Wayne Co.) (Patent Book in Land Grant Office, Raleigh) He had land in Nash Co. NC. September 25, 1759, Thomas Woodard was ordered by the Edgecomb County Court to help in laying out a new road. (Minutes of the Edgecomb Co. Court of Please and Quarter Sessions) December 23, 1760 Thomas recorded his cattle mark "a crop & a half scrop in the left ear and a crop & a half moon under the right." (Edgecomb Co. Record Book of Marks & Brands No. A) March 24 and December 22, 1761, Thomas served on the Edgecomb County Petit Jury. (Minutes of Edgecomb) In September Court 1761, Nathaniel Hickman and Thomas Dixon went on the bond of Thomas Woodward for 50lbs in connection with a capias. (Edgecomb County Crown Docket) October 25, 1763, he served on the Grand Jury. (Minutes of Edgecomb Co., NC)

October Court, 1763, Thomas was executor of John Woodeard of Dobbs County. April Court, 1765 he served with Elizabeth Daniel as executors of the will of Abraham Daniel of Dobbs Co. (Dobbs Co. Court Minutes, Box SS883) October 31, 1765, Thomas Woodard of Edgecomb Co. sold John Woodard of Edgecomb Co. for 93.6.8 a tract of 275A on Tar River at the mouth of Stoney Branch; witnessed by Edward Moore, Nathaniel Smith and James Lee, Jr. (Edgecomb Co. DB00, p. 76) The tracts consisted of 50A purchased from William Moor on July 9, 1754 and 225A bought from William Lassiter August 4, 1752. (DB C, p. 404) October 31, 1765, Thomas Woodard sold Edward Moore for 40lbs Proclamation money 50A north of Tar River at the mouth of Stony Branch and to its head, to the head of Spring Branch, and down it to the river, witnessed by Edward Moore, Nathaniel Smith, and Joshua Lee, Jr. (DB C, p. 405 & DB00, p.77)

Thomas Woodard is listed as Seargent on the list of CaPtain John Sherrand's Company in 1767. His sons, Elisha and John, Jr., were Privates in the same company. (research of Robert Handley)

Thomas Woodard(Sr.) and Lydia Langston had the following children:

child 1183 i. Daughter9 Woodard. She married John Bardin.

child 1184 ii. Elizabeth Woodard. Elizabeth died June 21, 1828. She married John Applewhite. (Robert Handley)

child 1185 iii. Elisha Woodard. Elisha died December, 1789. Elisha was a Private in Captain John Shearrad's Company. In 1778 he was allowed 60lbs by James Shine, Brigade Quartermaster of Gen. Bryan's Brigade.

child 1186 iv. Absilette Woodard.

child 1187 v. Rachel Woodard. She married Thomas Sanders. Of Nash Co., NC

child 1188 vi. John Woodard was born 1740. John died 1763 in Dobbs Co., NC, at 23 years of age.

child + 1189 vii. Thomas Woodard(Jr.) was born November 28, 1744.

child 1190 viii. Isaac Woodard was born 1752. Isaac died 1790 at 38 years of age. He married Elizabeth "Betsey" Mincey.

child 1191 ix. Mary "Molly" Woodard was born 1754. She married David Peele. David was the son of Robert Peele and Charity Dickinson. David was a member at Great Contentnea Quaker Meeting, Dobbs Co., NC.

child 1192 x. Jesse Woodard was born August 15, 1757. He married Martha Yelverton.

child 1193 xi. Luke Woodard was born in Wayne Co., NC about 1759. Luke died March, 1809 in Wayne Co., NC, at 49 years of age. He married Sarah Parker March 17, 1782.

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