212. Levi5 Purnell (Jr.) (Levi4, Matthew3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born about 1752. Levi died 1789 in Worcester Co., MD.

He married Delilah Brittingham in Worcester Co., MD, about 1777. Delilah was the daughter of Solomon Brittingham and Mary(wife of Solomon Brittingham). Mary Brittingham's will was probated in 1784; she named her daughter Deliliah Purnell and three grandchildren: Mary, Milby and Sarah. (Vernon L. Skinner, Worcester Co., MD Wills JW13, p.3)

He made a will in Worcester Co., MD, March 10, 1788. (transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley, Ocean City Lifesaving Museum)

Levi's will was probated in Worcester Co., MD, December 30, 1789. His grandfather, Matthew Purnell, called him child of Levi in 1760 and gave him "Purnell's Security" and "Addition to Sherborn." Levi named his uncles Elisha and Azariah Purnell.

Levi Purnell(Jr.) and Delilah Brittingham had the following children:

child 487 i. Thomas Dixon6 Purnell. Thomas died 1814 in Worcester Co., MD. Thomas was over age 14 in 1793. His guardian was Milby Purnell. His father left him "Carnance," formerly belonging to Solomon Brittingham. He is called "cousin" in his uncle Milby's will in 1805. Thomas names nephew Matthew son of John, his brother William, and five children of Milby Purnell d. 1805. He also named a Thomas Duncan Purnell Davis, son of William Davis, but does not give a relationship.

child + 488 ii. Sarah Purnell was born about 1773.

child + 489 iii. Mary Purnell was born before 1782.

child 490 iv. Milby Purnell was born before 1782. He was named in his grandmother Brittingham's will of 1782, but not in his father's will of 1788.

child + 491 v. William Purnell was born after 1782.

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